Tuesday, April 26, 2005,6:48 AM
Ohh, this workload, this tension, this excitement, this experimentation. The project work has really picked up pace nowadays. I've been sleeping less and less these days. Though it doesn't mean I dont waste time or anything. I don't do anything for hours. But thats okay.

I've been getting weak day by day, you know how it is, bad diet, exertion and all. But its okay, I am alive. Actually the food I eat, everyday the same burger, the same coke, the same coffee. I need to change my habits, people keep telling me too, but I am dumb enough to ignore them.

This workload has some how overshadowed the loneliness, the sadness, the homesickness. I am going home on 23rd May, not even a month is left. I guess that has also empowered me to work, and forget the pain.

What pain do I have? I don't know. I have all the comforts, the facilities, companions, work, what not. But something inside is not right. I don't know why. And I am not even willing to, daring to find out. Some kind of void is inside me, and my sixth sense says,.. the end is near.
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Saturday, April 16, 2005,12:39 PM
Kubuntu 5.00000000004...
Ohhh.. gosh. Never waited longer to get 1 MB downloaded. This kubuntu linux CD... took 10 restarts and 2 days... 2 PCs and 2 men to complete... finally.. installed it. Initial hiccups and disappointments, still not very good, but still I am tending to like it. Nice KDE 3.4 apps, crashing and seg faults. Alien environment of Debain Linux.. and me a Redhat user.... still, its a nice experience. Most of the utilities are working here too. Gaim and firefox look bad... kaffeine crashes now and then.. amarok is great....

wow,.. is it my blog or a lug archive.. actually nothing else happened today.. was doing this thing all day. Met prof. Jawahar... will begin a project under him on visual tracking for security of sensitive places... will begin this monday.

Increased some marks in Algos.... so feeling happy...

Anni sms's and says that I am forgetting old friends.. he's gone mad.. i have always wanted to go home and meet my friends.. if there was no summer project.. i would have been there... how can i make him understand??

Rest is fine. I am a little lonely and a little sad.
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Wednesday, April 13, 2005,9:34 AM
No work day!!!!
Today was.. a lazy day. I kept on doing something or the other on the PC till late in the night. In the morning, I got up just in time for the GPU Workshop, then thought, who wants to leave sweet soft cozy bed and went back to sleep again.

I had just one work to do all day. Programming Assignment 5 on Graphics. But then, complacent me, kept of delaying it. I did play volleyball a little. Then, my shorts tore from the centre while I was stretching out to hit the ball. That was the end of volleyball for me.

Parag kept on pressing to go for the regular jogging, but I realized I don't have much time left for the assignment, so I refused.

Rest is all fine. Not feeling very lonely today. I am afraid of Prof. PJN, because I skipped the workshop.

I am still struggling with the assignment, its almost done, 1 hour 57 minutes left for the submission to close. God help me.
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Tuesday, April 12, 2005,12:37 PM
Finally, there is some motion...
Ohh, today was a nice day. Started off at 9AM in the morning, in a hurry. GPU workshop and DBMS exam papers checking, both at the same time. And then, when I reached Prof. Kamal for my DBMS paper, he asked for the ID card, and I had to walk back. And was late for the GPU workshop too.

The GPU workshop was nice. New thing to learn. Haven't been able to read the matter whole day, and the night doesn't seem free enough either.

The rest of the day was also fine. Ate too much at lunch and at dinner too.

Prof. Jawahar finally agreed to start a new CVIT summer project. Finally, I have some work to do and I feel better now. Things are starting to get interesting. But this internet is not attracting me anymore. I have stopped chatting for hours, and seems its a nice trend.

My headache is continuing even today. I don't know what causes it, besides, I haven't taken any medicine yet. Lets hope it get okay.

Okay, I'll take a leave. I have to finish my Graphics assignments.
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Monday, April 11, 2005,11:23 AM
Holidays are here.
Ohh.. I always wanted these holidays. All this freeness, tension free life. But then, when they are here, I just feel, I don't need them. Its something like a void that has come along with these holidays.

I created this account so so many days ago, didn't write a word since long. Why am I writing today? Because I am lonely, not in the best of spirits, and a little sad too. There is no reason for all this.

I am not going home for 2 months this summer. I mean I am staying back in the summer holidays, for some project work. Maybe home sickness is the cause of all the trouble. But then, its not that I want to be at home either.

In short, I want a companion.
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