Tuesday, April 12, 2005,12:37 PM
Finally, there is some motion...
Ohh, today was a nice day. Started off at 9AM in the morning, in a hurry. GPU workshop and DBMS exam papers checking, both at the same time. And then, when I reached Prof. Kamal for my DBMS paper, he asked for the ID card, and I had to walk back. And was late for the GPU workshop too.

The GPU workshop was nice. New thing to learn. Haven't been able to read the matter whole day, and the night doesn't seem free enough either.

The rest of the day was also fine. Ate too much at lunch and at dinner too.

Prof. Jawahar finally agreed to start a new CVIT summer project. Finally, I have some work to do and I feel better now. Things are starting to get interesting. But this internet is not attracting me anymore. I have stopped chatting for hours, and seems its a nice trend.

My headache is continuing even today. I don't know what causes it, besides, I haven't taken any medicine yet. Lets hope it get okay.

Okay, I'll take a leave. I have to finish my Graphics assignments.
posted by Anurag Singh Rana
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