Saturday, April 16, 2005,12:39 PM
Kubuntu 5.00000000004...
Ohhh.. gosh. Never waited longer to get 1 MB downloaded. This kubuntu linux CD... took 10 restarts and 2 days... 2 PCs and 2 men to complete... finally.. installed it. Initial hiccups and disappointments, still not very good, but still I am tending to like it. Nice KDE 3.4 apps, crashing and seg faults. Alien environment of Debain Linux.. and me a Redhat user.... still, its a nice experience. Most of the utilities are working here too. Gaim and firefox look bad... kaffeine crashes now and then.. amarok is great....

wow,.. is it my blog or a lug archive.. actually nothing else happened today.. was doing this thing all day. Met prof. Jawahar... will begin a project under him on visual tracking for security of sensitive places... will begin this monday.

Increased some marks in Algos.... so feeling happy...

Anni sms's and says that I am forgetting old friends.. he's gone mad.. i have always wanted to go home and meet my friends.. if there was no summer project.. i would have been there... how can i make him understand??

Rest is fine. I am a little lonely and a little sad.
posted by Anurag Singh Rana
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