Thursday, May 12, 2005,6:46 PM
Good Morning
Introducing, the all new Anurag v2.2 Lx100, with the all new sleep early (all night) and get up early system and for the first time introducing features like eat-all-meals and take-breakfast-too.

Yes, finally, I have decided to behave "normally". What I noticed was that if I didn't change, I'd die. So, I decided to change. hehe. Anyways, last few days have been okay kinda, working a little, enjoying a little, not really sad or anything, but I don't know what feeling is it. Its the first time I have been through such situations, so. Ohh, what situations? Situations like,... umm... being so far away from friends, making a great friend who has never been physically near, being in the college when its holidays, not sleeping all night, having such long hair(eeeks), being at such a lonely place(no humans around, as I keep mentioning), an effort to make people understand the I-am-not-so-special thing.

Everything around looks so good, as if everyone around likes me, wants me, loves me, thinks good of me, and the way I behave, people tend to think that I am acting that way because "I" know that they care for me. I am not that kind of a guy. If "I" know that someone cares for me, I'll behave the same way if I didn't know. Most of the time people expect "If I care for you, you are bound to care for me.". I am against any such theory. Okay, any nice behavior will make my heart melt and eventually I will also care for the other person, but there is no obligation. Its like, he/she didn't put a condition that I'd love him/her too before going into "loving me". Loving someone is a "selfless" gesture, I think.

Anyways, coming out of this "abstract" discussion, nothing much is happening. Freaky came to work yesterday, but oh god, I was so so so sleepy, I almost drove him out of my room and continued sleeping. The other project, the mobile blog thing, is going well, I added albums, add album, add photos, now I have to give the delete and edit option. Then, give the add a photo/album to a post, and then, I am done with the server. Oops, there is still the J2ME application left, ooo, actually THAT is the main project, this is all the prerequisites, hehe.

Sam sir asked me if I was willing to do the WLAN project. I made him aware that I'd be leaving on 23rd, and it would be difficult to complete it by then. Ashish could work, but when I asked him, his answer was "not positive". Lets see what comes out of it. If we can do something, it would mean more money, hehe.

I am kind of excited about going home now. Well, yes, I want to meet my parents and sister and grandma, and uncles and aunts and theirs children.. in short.. all the relatives,.. hehe. I'd get to meet Tapan and hopefully Tanu. Besides all this part, I am actually excited about "living" the life "at home". All the "spoon feeding".. tension free environment and all. Okay, you think I am kidding right? Listen to this, every morning, when I return after brushing, I need to go up one floor and get a bottle full of water before I have anything to drink. Not that at home its always someone giving it, but still, its like, I don't know what, hehe. Then, I have to wait till 7:45 before I can get breakfast, not that I get up early all the time, but still. At home then, I can see TV, or read the newspaper, or just move about in the city. Not that here I can't do all that, but still, hehe. I mean, its not that I long for the "comfort" which my home provides me, its just the feeling of belonging, can't explain it in words.

Anyways, Anni is also coming back on 17th June, so, we'll meet then. Both Anni and Tapan are having Viral fever and Jaundice these days. I hope they'll be okay. Anyways, thats all about what I have been going through. For today, I will be mostly working on the CVIT thing, with Freaky, and take "all" my meals, hehe.
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