Saturday, May 14, 2005,4:55 PM
No progress...
Well, ... first thing to mention, Riyanca, got a call, and issue over, hehe. Anyways, it was just because I wanted to talk, not because she asked me to, or mud forced me to, or Alvy adviced me to. And, well, obviously it won't be a very new thing, hehe. We've been talking since ages, so, it was all normal kinda talk, just like using MSN instead of Yahoo! Anyways, she'd be getting a new cell.... mobile... the device called MOBILE PHONE.... I mean a new SIM card... a new SIM card for a device called a mobile phone.... eh... forget it :).

The project work is .... err.. almost stagnant. The Mobile Blog thing has ZERO progress. The other project is just stuck in its faulty object clustering algorithm. Ohh gosh, its so so frustrating to just keep tickling with the code, make a change, here and there, compile, link and see the output, read more than 2000 numbers at a time and find out where it could be going wrong, and repeat this again, for hours, 4-5-6-8-10 !! Today definitely we'll find a solution. I'm thinking to replace the algorithm with another one which I found on the net. Not that ours is wrong, but what if the other one WORKS!!

Reminds me of a joke...
Theory is when you know how to do something, but it doesn't work.
Practice is when something works, but you don't know why.
Engineering combines both, nothing works, and we don't know why! :(

Anyways, 15th May 2005. So we can actually have a countdown, hehe. 7 days to go. Seven? How?
15 + 7 = 22. Train on 23 Morning 6 AM, hehe, so SEVEN days to go. I am now somewhat excited about it. My fate, Anni must have left Indore today, so can't meet him till 17th June now. Lets see if Tapan is there. And Ullu, hehe.

I am kinda not carrying my PC home. I will have to take my harddisk, with my Linux and ofcourse, TEST DATA for the project, a lot of tutorials. I'll also take a few CDs, Fedora Core 2 setup, Support CD, and a few survival CDs. Maybe I'll need to carry my RAM chip too. Dad is getting a PC arranged at home, for my work. Not that there is no PC there, but 633 MHz 128 MB RAM is too slow to run FC2 and also processing the Visual data.

Ohh, that tells me that my summer holidays are going to be all ruined up because of the project work. Lets see. But my mom will keep pushing me to work as usual. Anyways, its good to go home, meet parents, relatives, friends, girlfriends(? ... eh.. i don't have any ;)).

Okay, I think that is it, I don't have anything else to write today, well, there was nothing to write anyway. I just keep writing garbage. And its not a problem because no one will ever read it, I won't allow anyone. Fouzia knows about this link, but she is forgetful enough, Sowmya, but she is careless enough, and Reshmi, err.... we'll see, hehe. I mean, its just an accident that three people already know the link, otherwise, I don't want anyone to read all this.

I'll be working on the project in the morning before breakfast,(hehe, yeah, I've been having breakfasts now), and then lets see.
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