Monday, May 09, 2005,6:06 PM
Okay, this is the first post...
Hi, I think I am too happy to find out that this blog server is actually working. My own blog server, hehe. Anyways, I have decided to post in this server till it slowly grows with more and more features. I will finally transfer the posts to blogspot. Its 10th May, 2005, 0625 hours, according to my server. I am working on it to make it better.

This evening, I was out with my friends, Ravi, Ashish and Meghna, for an outing "supposed" to be Ravi's birthday party. Well, he insisted that he'd give it when the whole BC group was here, so this one was kinda contribution party. Anyways, I was sleeping in the evening, at about 6:25 PM, when Ravi avidly banged my door. I got up and he said that we're going out. I had to get into shower almost immediately, I was so so deep in sleep that the soap was looking blurred to my eyes. Anyways, we went out to a restaurant, which was kinda expensive, hehe, and then, Ravi got us icecreams of HIS choice. I instantly rejected his choice for me, and took some other. The one he got for me was horrible. Then, amazingly, the other one tasted horrible too. I tasted the icecreams of everyone, and all tasted bad. Then I figured out that it was because of the Tinidazole I took in the evening.

We returned happily to the campus around 10. Then we talked and talked and talked, though Ravi got a little irritated. Anyways, then as Ravi had to get up early in the morning, and Ashish for no reason left the conversation. Meghna and I continued for a while, talking about different things, and cracking jokes. That ended at around 2:20.

When I had returned to my room, Avik sir came for some html help. After that, we saw some songs stored in my hard disk, which I never get the time to listen to. He left at around 5 AM. Then, I decided to work a little bit. It seems the Mobile Blog server is functioning quite well, and I am thinking to add more. I'll be awake till 10 maybe.

Summary: I am happy, working and ... hehe.. I don't know.
posted by Anurag Singh Rana
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