Sunday, May 08, 2005,8:28 PM
Ray of hope...
Well, the time of posting was set to some wierd time zone. I repaired it today. So from now on, the time of posting IS the actual time of posting.

Anyways, yesterday evening, my neighbour and my friend, Ravi, returned unexpectedly. He got an internship in Satyam, will be joining today morning. Its also his birthday today, we didn't celebrate much, as he was tired of the twenty hour long train journey. Hope today we'll go somewhere.

His arrival has infused into me a new confidence to work. He, who wanted to live at home during the entire holidays, has come here to work, and is not at home, even on his birthday. All this has made me think and realize that I should work too. Lets hope for the best.

I have been working on the Mobile Blog project all night. Its made quite a lot of progress. I think another week of such hardwork would get me into a very good position. But, my routine is still the same, unhealthy. No sleep all night, no regular diet, it been quite bad. I have decided to repair that too. I have a few meetings with the professors and all, regarding the other CVIT project, after that, I need some sleep, I've been awake since,.. umm... I don't know.

My cell phone balance, ohh, its been a thing to worry about for me. Rs. 1000.95 is what is left now. Its not that I can't afford to spend more, but I just want to live in a responsible manner. So, I will try to reduce on this expenditure. Though, it will definitely dip below 1000 before tonight.

Rest is almost fine. I've stopped thinking about anything else but my projects, Mobile Blog and the CVIT one. Also, I am upgrading my website. I also think of merging the BCServer with Mobile Blog, I guess most of the readers wont get what I am saying, but it all means that I am beginning work, without wasting time in other non-constructive activities.

posted by Anurag Singh Rana
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