Friday, May 06, 2005,9:24 PM
Sleepy, eh?
Its 9:54 AM now, and I've been awake since 5 PM. Its not a long time though, but I am thinking to recover from an inverted biological cycle. I've decided to sleep at 10 PM tonight, what ever happens.

Anyways, I've been working on the MB project, slow progress though. In the morning, when I was working seriously, I wanted to look up something on the internet...

The nameserver was unable to process the request.

Ohh, was such a disappointment. I then decided to revive all the good habits, took breakfast after.. err... 2 months maybe. Read the newspaper, good news, India's PSLV-C3 was launched successfully in orbit yesterday. These kind of achievements make me such proud about my country. I also want to contribute in some such way one day.

I'm in a good optimistic mood today, got a call from Freak, will see if I can get the cams. 11 AM... its time to see my ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE final exam papers, oh god, I'll flunk. Anyways, we'll see, I'm not kind of worried about it.

Akshay Sapre, my school friend, met me online on MSN. Seems being online on MSN is doing me good. Its not a big deal to be using Windows XP, but when I work, I need to be in Linux, and MSN crashes my messenger, so I avoid it. Anyways, he's studying law at Bhopal, graduating in 2008. He is with a lot of school friends.

Avneet Singh Bhatia (do I remember the name correctly, eh?), met him also online on MSN, he is also in Indore, will try to meet him when I return. Its not that I've any kind of special interest to meet these guys, but its good to see old school mates, I think.

I've not been doing much work at this place, not going out either. At 1 AM, I went to the canteen, to help myself with a burger and pepsi. I decided to walk to the college main gate to fetch money from the ATM machine. Its a long walk, I don't know why the ATM machine is installed so far. Its quite lonely and quiet in college these days. The path was dimly lit, no human around, and sounds only of the wild insects sitting around the grass and trees there. Amazingly, I was not thinking anything. Rather I was narrating to myself what I would write about this incident in the blog, crazy eh? The ATM machine cabit was cold, air conditioned, hehe. Then I quickly returned to my room, it was such a mess.

Till about 3:30, I was able to arrange it somehow. Then went for a shower. I had a severe headache, I was wet in sweat, and the cold shower, ooooh, but thats okay. Didn't damage me much. I kept on listening to songs. Bardaasht nahi kar sakta, ab door nahi reh sakta tere bin reminded me of the days with Anni, in his car, so great days were they.

Almost all day, I hardly get to see a human being. Though I don't have much work on the PC, but there is no alternative. This is summer hoidays, and all are gone home, except a few like me. I just keep telling myself to forget the lonliness and concentrate on work. This place, my PC, internet, nothing can make me feel the way it does at home. I'm so desperate to go. Its bad that my projects will still continue, and I'd have to carry this PC to home too.

My pulsating headache is still continuing, but I'm determined to sleep at 10PM. Its almost 11 now. I'll be getting ready to see the AI answer sheets. Hope everything is fine. My eyes are red and watery, and my back is so painful, the bed lies close by, I keep telling myself, I won't sleep.
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