Friday, July 15, 2005,7:42 PM
A fresh start...
New semister, new start, new energy, new courses, new people around, new challenges, new room, new! Everything is going through a changeover here, and its nice, I am happy with the change. The new semister has just begun, or rather will soon begin, and I am looking forward to it.

I arrived Hyderabad on 14th July by train, ANDHRA PRADESH EXPRESS. It had not been long since I went away from college, just about 14 days!

Nothing much happened at home, except that I met my old friends, me, Rahul, Anni, Tapan and Anurag. We spent some time together, talking, playing, eating, roaming and seeing movies.

Rahul has not changed since he went to Russia, he is the same old, even after two years, and so I was happy. Just as soon as he met me, it was like we had met just yesterday. No, we didn't cry or anything, we are grown up now, hehe. Tapan had an accident so we could not go out a lot, and Anni was busy with his work as usual. Piyush got a little free, and Tanu was like, called up on the last day, when are you leaving, hehe.

It was nice to remain at home for a few more days. This time the feeling was different. This time there was no sadness that the holidays will soon end. Out of the 93 days of holidays, I just stayed about 40 days at home, but still I am content. Most of it is because I was able to meet all my friends and spend time with the family as well.

I didn't meet Prerna and Vijay bhaiya this time also. I had thought of giving a visit to their place at least once. After all I consider them one among the best friends. I called them up on the last day, that is, on the day I was supposed to leave for Hyderabad. They were so delited to talk to me, and a little angry that I didn't meet them. What I could sense from their talk was as if they were saying, come on dude, you've forgotten us, now just move on, no need to try to do anything. I want to correct all this when I go home next, maybe this December or maybe next year in June.

The new achievement is that I got my CAR AND TWO WHEELER GEARED EXCEEDING 50 CC DRIVING LICENSE finally. The driving test was almost as if it wasn't there. I drove alone to the RTO and then the person just asked me take out the car and park it back, piece of cake, and then just a digital photo. Will get the CARD in a few days.

Tonight, Tanu was behaving strangely, talking like she never talks, and I feel its like we are not so close friends or something, we are just friends. This is mainly because of her attitude towards me, a little arrogant all the time, and maybe there is some of my fault too. Anyways, I later found out that it was her new friend Chahat who was talking so friendlily, and not Tanu. It doesn't matter much to me, but it does matter a little bit.

I got the Farewell CDs of my school batch and was seeing them. My old batchmates, some of them I had forgotten, and some of them I wanted to see, some of them I didn't want to see. I showed the video to a couple of friends.

The video these days going on everywhere is of the song KAJRARE from BNB. Devansh Amit Sumeet Karthik Parag and Me, all are just completely hipnotized by the song. The act of Aish is a little hot and because of her sweetness, its even better. I love the song.

There were some problems in choosing where will I live in the coming time. Most of the people decided to go to the Old Boys Hostel. I was not compulsorily required to go there and later Ravi and Ashish pushed me to stay in the New Boys Hostel. Just then I understood that I can live a little far with Ashish and Ravi, but its difficult to leave people like Amit and Parag, the ones who are all the time around you and make the air lively. So, I chose to go to the OBH. There were minor problems in room allotment. Finally I got 184 OBH. I'll shift the room as soon as the other person vacates the room.

There are a lot more thoughts flowing in the mind at the moment, but I am half asleep, didn't sleep all night, so have no strength to carry on, thanks to Chahat and Tanu probably. Everything is new here, and I hope that the new semister will be fruitful.

Oh, I missed writing about the courses I have opted. I talked to professor PJN, and he suggested to take up Digital Image Processing and Pattern Recognition as the elective courses. Later Srikanth backed out of PR because of the heavy workload. I also opted out of PR. But PR is a important course for me, and I am considering to take it up again.

The result of the last semister has been nice, with a SGPA of 8.8 excluding a 4 credit course under professor MB Srinivas, so its expected to go even higher. Ok, ok, I'll leave now, bye.
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