Thursday, July 21, 2005,10:32 AM
Its raining...
It has just started to rain heavily, and a cool breeze with some water droplets is making me feel fresh and cool. Its been a nice evening, just 11 PM now, and I plan to sleep early, maybe just after doing my DIP assignment. I missed the Compilers class today, because I was late as usual. From tomorrow I want to attend the morning PT compulsorily.

After dinner when I returned from the canteen, my friends were doing the so called "official ragging". Most of it was over as it is restricted to 10:30 PM only. And its not bad actually, just some talking and all, though the juniors are scared a hell lot, hehe. Let me see, I'll also try to do some tomorrow.

Rest is all fine in my life, I mean it is supposed to be so. I started a new blog website just to open my writings for the public, but I plan to post only "articles" unrelated to me in any way in that. Its address is

I went to Koti the other day to get some books, and to get gift for Bhanu's birthday, something like a combined present, we got her a jacket. But, unexpectedly, we returned early and didn't even have dinner, so I decided to not eat anything in the night.

I got myself a new card, a sim card, Hutch again. Its number is 9885288970. And the first call I made was a missed one to dad. Then to Ravi Shankar. It was because I didn't remember any other numbers, hehe. I smsed Alvy about my new number, and Tanu came to know through MSN, so she smsed me. Finally today I smsed Riya about my new number and she was like, I thought you blocked me, I am going to someone's birthday party, see you, bye.

One major change these days is the behavior of tanu. I don't know if it has come back to normal or am I expecting a little too much, but the fact remains, she is not talking to me or replying to my sms. If I ask her, HOW ARE YOU?, her reply is, WHY DO YOU ASK? This is kind of rude and all, but I thought there is no problem, and we are like before. But like before means what, she talked less then, but then she didn't reply in such a tone. Something is wrong, or maybe its just her workload. We'll find out soon.
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