Tuesday, August 30, 2005,9:23 AM
The fall has begun..
Well, its been a nice midsemester examination. Networks and Compilers as easy as ever, and PR getting screwed, all unexpected things happening here. Its okay, who cares. Tomorrow is DIP, and I am so complacent about it, not even reading the book properly, just reading without concentration.

Riyanca, ohh, what to say now. I think the fall has begun. No, she didn't do anything, but I think that this internet friendship is getting too much for her. Its not like I don't think we are not as good friends or something, but then, still, I think she needs to depend more on people around her, and not on some internet link miles away. So, you can say, now I am trying to make her go away from me, its not very good for me, makes me sad and all, but then, its good for her, and so I am doing it.

I guess she'll be beginning to feel it now that my hold on our so called "eternal friendship" is losening. She told me this before too, that finally I will leave her, as if we never met. Its not like that is what I always wanted to do or something. I really want her to be with me, and me with her. But if that harms your own friend, you don't want that right? So, I am doing it. I hope everything gets okay.

Rest is all fine. Tanu and I are carrying on nicely with our talks. Now now, don't tell me that you got Tanu, so you are leaving Riyanca or something. Its like, a girl who takes so keen interest in the minutest detail of my life, remembers all my friends, their names, their habits, and what not, can't be replaced by someone else. So Riyanca can't be replaced, ever. Anyways, so Tanu's been friendly all these days. One day she stopped and asked on phone, that we didn't used to talk so much and such friendlily, you remember? And then, as if she thought it was not correct to ask it, she just switched the topic. I don't know whats happening. Is it friendship? Mind you, we flirt a lot these days. Can't say its love, because my heart doesn't say, YES, this is the girl.

I got to know of another new algorithm for my visual tracking project. Its called something motion detection. So, instead of the old crappy image substraction, I will try to use this new algorithm. Lets see how successful I am. I'll begin working on it from tomorrow.

I haven't gone to PT yet, so thats a little bit of problem. I'll surely begin from 2nd September, hehe.

Anyways, wish me luck for DIP.
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