Tuesday, August 09, 2005,10:50 AM
Long time no see....
28 July ... 9 August... long time its been when I scribbled here. Not that I didn't want to, or didn't get time to, but I was hesitating to, and whenever I sat down to type in, either some disturbance or a change in mood or my health problems would stop me.

Its been nice since I last posted... err.. correction.. I didn't write since 21 July. I actually read the last post. Things have changed a lot. We've had a phase of orientation as well, not all of it was much fun and it was not very long lasting. For the first few days the juniors were like, kind of fearful and almost crying. After some incidents and when faculty started interfering its been quite normal for them. The official public orietation function was fun, but after a junior got ill, the interaction has almost completely stopped.

I've got the job as a TA for C programming under Prof. Jawahar. Its a fun thing teaching the first years, such innocent and inquisitive faces, curious to learn, unlike us, uninterested and sleepy, hehe. I was hesitating while going to the first class, as if how will they react, will I be able to control them, or they will dominate, will I answer their doubts or not. etc. But since then, there has been no looking back, its been fun and frolic all the time, and I DID NOT FLIRT WITH ANY JUNIOR GIRL YET.

The other day Ashish had to take a "regular" class of the first years in ITWS because the professor was absent. He asked me to help. Given the mic in front of a 180 odd audience, I was a little unstable in the beginning, but then as we started catching the flow, it was all great fun, and just masti.

Tanu.. I've been talking and thinking about her a lot. What should I do? What does she think about me? Even about proposing her, etc. Not that I love her or anything, or do I, actually I am not sure. She is a nice girl, talks to me sweetly, but then I talk to so many people sweetly, so can she, so that doesn't mean love or anything. My heart and mind always become uncertain when I talk about her. And Riyanca is fed up of me talking about her. Poor her, whenever she comes online, all she has to hear is her her and her, hehe.

I received the cards from Fouzia as a token of our one year old friendship. Its not that its bad or anything, but its just that it doesn't make me much happy to see them. They are not bad or anything, they are good, just that I don't know why they don't give me a lot of happiness as one would expect. I've been ignoring her these days, not that I wanted to, but just because of our network, my work, etc, etc.

I started two more blogs, Fedora Core Solutions and Fedora Core Customizer. The first one deals with the problems and solutions of FC and the second one is about a new project to enhance Fedora, which I have been thinking of doing since months. Their links are...

Tanu and I talked on phone the other day for long, just because its free for her to call reliance mobiles. She was just mentioning that I spoilt her by making her chat late in nights. So, we decided not to talk from now on forever till one of us feels the need to, and the one who starts it will lose. We didn't talk for a few days, but then, friendship day, smses from Chahat, and circumstances made us talk. I did the first SMS and she made the first call, I don't know who lost.

On Sunday was Freshers Welcome Party, though I missed a major part of it doing the DIP assignment. That reminds me that the DIP assignment is kind of interesting. I've been adding capabilities to the software and its become quite nice now. So, coming back to the topic, the Freshers was nice, nothing to tell about, just marking a new landmark.

On Sunday, Riya got bit by a snake, she called to inform me, and also smsed. My balance got over just the minute she smsed me. I was helpless. I was moving around on the road, so I went to a Hutch Shop and recharged. I smsed her, but it didn't reach, I tried to call but it didn't ring. I smsed Alvy to call but it didn't work. I was just consoling myself till late in the night saying that she sent me an sms and called me, that means that she is okay and in senses. She called up late in the night, and didn't tell me anything clearly, but I somehow could understand that she was okay. I was still worried for most part of the night, I don't know when did I sleep, or did I sleep? The next night she called up and told me that she is okay and she was under observation yesterday. I just tried to talk casually, but she took it as if I didn't care. Anyways, doesn't matter, people do misjudge me all the time, I am unpredictable, hehe.

I got a proposal from Sid to go to Mumbai this Friday. I was thinking about it, and started to fantasize meeting Riyanca. But then she is not well, and besides, I can't lose her. What if she thinks that I am not the same person she chats with and changes her opinions, I can't afford that. So, I decided not to go with Sid, though this decision became obvious when no one wanted to go, or the plan was not feasible, and so it was cancelled. Still, it can again come to limelight and I might be put in a situation to decide about going to Mumbai, and if I go, should I tell her and if I tell her, should I meet her, etc, etc.

Ohh, forgot to mention about my blocked ear. My ear was kind of blocked since about 10-12 days, its getting better now. I was planning to see a doctor, but I guess now its not required. I hope it becomes completely okay.

Rest is all fine, three fours projects, classes, assignments, wierd friends, and ME.
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