Monday, August 22, 2005,11:51 PM
Smoothness returns..
Seems like I was really depressed last time I blogged here. Its getting normal again. Not that all that was not true, but now I don't pay heed to all those things anymore.

Riyanca, well, what should I say? She's been okay all these days. I guess all it needs is a little more time. She has her final year and so she should concentrate on studies and all. Internet friendship is okay, I mean, if we do meet in life, I think we'll get friendly and comfortable with each other much much faster than if we had never talked online. And, I approximate the time to get normal as 2 hours 47 minutes, magical figure, hehe.

Exams are approaching and there is an overload of assignments, along with taking classes of juniors. I've been regularly missing PT since the first day, so, I need to tighten up on that front too. Less than a week is left for the First Mid Semester Examination, and I haven't begun preparing, something like a "fake confidence" in me is stopping me.

Forgot to mention about my article on "Analysing Love".

This one was too much condemned and looked down upon, but when yesterday RIYANCA appreciated it, it felt so good from within. I can't say, oh she appreciates my articles so she is my true friend, because true friends give the "correct opinion" and not the "sweet opinion". Well, she IS my true friend is a different thing, hehe.

Actually nothing is happening around me, so there is really nothing to write about. I sometimes feel as if I blog only when I'm in pain and grief, so finally breaking the trend, I am posting on a normal day. I'll definitely forget posting when I am really "happy". Wish me luck for the forthcoming exams. :)
posted by Anurag Singh Rana
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