Thursday, September 29, 2005,12:47 AM
Blog : An analysis
I decided that this place, MY BLOG _UnPrEdictAbLe_, should be opened up for the public, so that people can read it, find out what I feel, maybe say something about it, etc. Well, this decision didn't come as a consequence of something, but just that everyone has a "open blog", so shall I.

I found out that with the useless content and really bad english that I use (maybe there are no spelling mistakes, but sentence formation is completely crap), no one was interested in reading it. That can be taken as both a positive sign and a negative one. Positive because even now my privacy is intact, something like being alone in the mob. Negative because this will discourage me, as I will come to know how bad I am in writing blogs.

Err... you might think that what the hell, why am I talking about blogs?? Well, its kind of coming repeatedly to my mind, I mean this topic, so I wanted to write about it. By the way, I have a separate blog to write thoughts into, Thoughts!

I was trying to find out why people write blogs? And how is it different from a diary on paper? Some of the answers to 'why people write blogs' that come to my mind are,
* To remember what happened.
* To learn from their mistakes.
* To store and convey or broadcast their thoughts.
* To show off!
* To impress someone.
* To distribute some information or knowledge (all tech blogs).
* To reduce the tension on them, to vomit all the pain to the blog.

Well, even I blog for similar reasons, but then, there is a big question on 'what content should be allowed to viewed by which people' ? I mean, we can't just show all our feelings openly to the public, can we? This way people can take advantage of our unstable emotional or mental or physical state. If not that, then we can actually come across a situation where we might make some person read our thoughts which we never wanted him/her to know. We might also not want to spoil our "social reputation" because there can be some difference between our behaviors/thoughts in public and the actual us.

All above issues put some kind of restriction on the content and the presentation of the blog. But, if we are untrue even to the blog, then there is no place where we don't hide ourselves in a "good looking mask". So, we will in turn start going away from reality and start living in a phoney world, and start believing that the virtual-reality is the real thing.

One of the solutions is to have two blogs, one for the public, and another for ourselves. This way, we can convey the "conveyable" to the public, and also remain close to the reality by writing the harsh reality in the other one. Another risky alternative is to not care about anyone and write what we want to. Though most people will call the people following the second alternative as PURE and TRUE, but then, speaking a lie is much much different from keeping quiet (where the first alternative basically does the latter thing).

Concluding the whole thing, I'd like to say that blog is a place to put forward your thoughts, but just like social behavior, we must try to follow some way of separating or hiding the harsh reality from the public. We should also ensure that even with this "hide the harshness mask", we aren't UNTRUE in the facts we write.
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  • At 1:00 PM, Blogger Sagar Rastogi

    A simple thumb rule on what to write / not to write on your blog:

    Imagine yourself reading aloud the post loudly on the stage, in front of all the people you know who have internet access - including professors, company recruiters, even the girl you like.. your entire career, your life could be at stake!

    hehe.. just messing with you. Write what you normally would talk about with your friends and would not 'awfully' mind if someone you don't know overhears - that's what I do anyway.