Tuesday, September 27, 2005,12:58 AM
GOD Life Humanity .. some philo crap!
Well, yesterday in the hindi class, we were taught something about "Vishv Mandir". It says that the entire world is the home of god. We should try to look into ourselves to find the god within us, instead of looking for him in temples and mosques. After this happens, there will be no discrimination, it will not be like, this is the place of god and that is not, every place will be his home. And we will find everyone as good, and we'll love all. There will be no discrimination based on the religions.

Another thing I came to know was the meaning of the word MANDIR. I thought it was related to something about praying and that too strictly Hindu thing. But the literal meaning of the word MANDIR is home! So, actually MANDIR is called MANDIR because its the home of god. So, its kind of contradictory to say that there is a home for god, because the entire universe and maybe beyond that, this whole structure is His home, and the sooner we realize it, the better it will be.

Anyways, another doha that I came across is ... (I really don't remember it)
jab tak main tha, hari nahi they .. ab hari hai.. main nahi..

It means that till I had "ego" (main), then there was no god within me, but now that there is god within me, there is no ego left!

I came to know that Hinduism is nothing. That is there is no religion called Hinduism. Actually, the way of life in this Indian region is called Hindu culture, so basically Hinduism is a culture, and the religion of the people of Hindu culture is SANATAN DHARM. Actually, this SANATAN DHARM is also not any religion. DHARM means DUTY. So, basically these are the set of DUTIES which a human needs to follows while acting in different roles in life, like the DUTY of a Student for his teacher, for a son for his father, etc. And when there were other RELIGIONS coming in India, like Islam, then, how to distiguish? We called ourselves as of HINDU RELIGION, which wasn't there before. And there was no concept of RELIGION in our culture, so what did we do? DHARM (which means DUTY) was also overloaded with another meaning, RELIGION. If we realize this fact, then there will be no anger for other people, and might as well help us understand our culture better.

Seems like I've been getting too philosophical these days, hehe. Anyways, I was just sitting and sleeping in my room, (I actually slept a lot, and missed POPL class too, along with the PT ofcourse), and suddenly a thought came to my mind.

The video of the song "Show me the meaning of being lonely - Backstreet boys" was being played on the PC. I thought how a man lives his life, has thousands of expressions, experiences, and meet so so many no. of people, and does such varied amount of things. Then, one day, he dies. Still, there are another 5 billion left on the planet, who continue living. Even when all these 5 billion will be gone, another 10 billion will start living here (population explosion, lol).

So, I thought to myself that this world is some sort of a place where everyone gets a chance to play his/her part, and when the end comes, you leave the place for others. What remains permanent? I guess almost all of us believe in, or have faith in some god. And the same god, after we are gone, will be with the other new set of people. So, this means A HUMAN BEING is basically so small in front of the ever prevailing GOD.

A forwarded mail about a girl who got 80% burnt in a car accident, and has no fingers, a non functioning eye and horrifying look now, moved me a lot. Though the forward was about driving slowly, but then I thought to myself, if for a moment we go inside her body and feel it, how would it be like? Her only chance to live on this earth has been completely damaged and made off the track. Now she has no choice but to live this burden, such horrifying and depressing. I really felt sad for that girl, I don't know her, but still she is a fellow human. Oh dear God, don't do this to anyone else, again. :(

Anyways, another thought that came to my mind is, because this is my only chance on this planet to do my part, nothing should get messed up. I don't have a RESTART ARENA button like Quake. So, basically I would want that my life goes perfectly, I get a perfect job, or maybe do something great, I get the perfect wife, etc. But these selfish thoughts surround me a lot of times, so it was not just these this time too.

I was thinking that well, just like I want a perfect life because this is my last chance to do something, another 6 billion minus one people are also here to do the same. I mean, each and every human life, or for that matter animal life is actually acting its part for the LAST TIME. And so, we should not do something that will somehow disrupt their perfect path, or maybe help a few who are off the track.

And this is not for any COMMUNITY CAUSE, this way, I'll be adding to my own perfect life, because in my definition, perfection also includes PERFECT IN HELPING PEOPLE. So, I don't want to stand at the verge of dieing, and think that, Kaash, I had helped someone in this life, why did I miss doing that!!

Anyways, enough of the philosophy crap, coming back to reality. Exams are near, and I haven't begun preparing. Six papers, Hindi, POPL and networks look easy, DIP and PR look easy but lengthy, and Compilers looks difficult, lengthy, confusing, and I am quite scared of thinking about it. Today, I am studying PR before the DIP class and maybe in the night, so, NO CHAT WITH TANU TONIGHT.

Aahhh.. forgot to mention, Tanu and I have finally come to a conclusive decision to COMPLETELY REVERT BACK TO FRIENDSHIP. There was some hesitation left, and so finally, when I boldly mailed her, explaining it all, she also conveyed that she was hesitating to tell all that to me. So, all's well!

Piyush, a junior came to me for help regarding his project in java. He doesn't know CPP and he wants to do JFrame and WindowListener and inheritance and interfaces in one night, can you believe that? Anyways, hope he gets it postponed somehow.

I've been writing in the LUG Wiki, some articles about FC4 and YUM and SQL, etc. Its fun and tonight there is a LUG meeting. Lets see what comes out of it.

Umm.. I guess that about it for today. I'll be taking a shower and getting back to studying PR in a short while. Pray for me.
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