Sunday, September 25, 2005,9:00 AM
Sunday .... getting bored at home :(
Its Sunday evening, and here I am sitting idle, pretty much free, and alone. We had decided to work on our project (which we rarely do), but then Freaky wanted a break as usual.

I ordered a pizza for dinner, just because Sumeet kept on pushing me, its become a habit now. It was really awesome, what great taste, Dominos really rocks!

Anyways, I've been going to PT regularly these days, exercising a bit, hehe. Now its not a burden to get up and all, kind of getting into the habit of getting up early. Reminds me of this...
Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy wealthy and wise.... but now they say.... Early to bed and early to rise, makes your girl go to other guys. ;)

Err... so finally, I am here, sitting in my room, and sick people, no one is even coming online. I am thinking to myself, why didn't I also go out somewhere? Mom called up a few mins ago, asking me about my activities, etc. I told her that I'll prepare for the exams, so maybe in a few hours/minutes I'll do that.

All these days have been good, not much to say anything about though. My project with Freaky has been going on well. Jawahar sir asked us to change the presentation module of our code, and show it in a more "queryable" format. We decided to use the good old MySQL. Initially it looked as if it'd simply take ages to do it, but then, it was almost done completely in one night. And when the first "simplest ever" query returned the image, WE WERE SO SO DELITED!! IT WASN'T A NEW DISCOVERY, BUT THEN, ITS JUST THAT MY CODE WORKED!! Hehe, reminds me of the tag line "Mera Code Chal Gaya!!"

Okay, I really forgot what I had written about Tanu in the last blog, so just read it again for a recap. Well, the situation is tending towards normal now. But well, there is some minimum amount of "strained feeling" in the minds of us both regarding this friendship. I mean, its not the same anymore.
NO, I don't love her.
NO, I don't hate her.
NO, I am not expecting any love or wanting any.
NO, I don't want to hurt her.
NO, I am not ignoring her.

YES, I care.
YES, she is friend.
YES, I want to talk to her.
YES, I want to meet her.
YES, I want her to remain my friend, forever.

Anyways, I think it will get a little more sorted out when I talk to her face to face, but that looks like a remote possibility, because my holidays are soooo less that I might not meet her.

Okay fine, lets stop talking about her, she's been eating up my diary space since about a month now, so, from now on we'll talk less about her, and more about sensible topics. :)

There are a few assignments to be done, plus PT, plus the mid sem preparation, plus Visual Tracking project, plus Mobile Blog, plus FCC, plus, I will find a girl for me in Hyderabad, hehe.

Ohh, and forgot to mention about Riya. She has been quite dedicatedly studying and working on her project. Its been ages since I last called her. I really like her voice, and the sound of her laughter, really makes me feel, I don't know like what. I've never met her and have seen her only in a really zoomed out pic (thanks to her), but she has really ... err.. I am not getting any word. Anyways, she has conveyed to me that she wishes to gift me with something for whatever I did for her. I don't really know what did I do? I mean, with text and audio, how MUCH can a person help the other? And even if I did, can't she help me that much through text and audio in order to pay back? Anyways, whats there to pay back? It was a two way thing, give and take, and friendship mein what give and what take! Lets see, I've taken up the job to guide her in the project, I hope she is successful in completing it.

And on a closing note, someone please get my FAN working, its really hot in here! :(
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