Wednesday, September 07, 2005,2:37 PM
This place is unsafe now!
Ganesh chaturthi, holiday today! And I was kind of tired of yesterday's talking, chatting, so I kept on sleeping till late in the morning. Rest of the day was sleepy too.

My mid semester examination are over, so kind of free now. The exams were good, and I got "approximately second or third highest" in DIP, something to make me happy. I have not been working on my project, just wasting time, online, or something, so I need to tighten up now.

Greatest achievement in the history of the fifth semester is that I attended the morning PT class day before and also yesterday! Whats more astonishing is Arora aka Jaanu also attended. Whats even more UNBELIEVABLE is Agrawal aka Grawl too! We've decided to do it regularly now.

So, in these morning PT sessions, I've been going to the gym, just trying out, hehe. The hands and stomach muscles are aching like hell, my hand is like, not even becoming straight. Lets see how it turns out to be in the days to come.

Its like, today, I am not able to write. Tanu has asked me to give the link to this diary to her. I really really can't give her. And most probably wont give her. So, I am a little hesitant in writing things here, today.

Its about 3:15 AM now, and I need to get up for PT, so I'll end this post now, though, my heart wants to write more, but, it looks too unsafe to write. Cya.
posted by Anurag Singh Rana
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