Monday, October 31, 2005,6:39 PM
What kind of people are they?
Just a few days back there was a breaking news on almost all news channels over the world. It was when quake hit northern Pakistan and some parts of Jammu and Kashmir. Initially, when I came across this news, (actually one of the Pakistani net friends told me), I thought its just some small quake. Even the websites mentioned that a building or two had collapsed in Islamabad.

Slowly, it turned out that it was a huge tragedy. A huge portion of Pakistan Occupied Kashmir was destroyed, devastated, and the after shocks still continued to frighten quake striken people. Fortunately, there was not much damage in Jammu and Kashmir, or Delhi, etc.

Then came the repair-work, to restore life in affected areas. Pakistan was obviously not self sufficient in handling this. The international community came out with a lot of aid, including India (as a responsible neighbour). Its not been long, they are still in the :rescue phase: ... reconstruct is far far away.

Anyways, I just wanted to highlight the great tragedy that happened, but the main thing is not the quake. I want to talk about the Serial Blasts in Delhi. Just days after the quake, they do serial blasts in Delhi. THEY = Pakistanis ... (yeah, there is some militant group taking responsibility of it). I mean, what kind of people are they? They have been struck with the greatest tragedy ever. Their own leader says its a huge task. And what do they do? Kill people in India. Why? I don't know if its linked with change of head in J&K or something else. They attacked their neighbour who is helping them in the hour of need, the PM of which is asking its people to help people of Kashmir, in India and Pakistan.

It really requires a really inhuman heart to do such an act. What should India do then? I don't think its time to forgive and forget. Even Times Of India(Hyderabad) 31.10.2005 mentions that. The headline is Enough is enough, and its true. Enough is enough. Its time India shows its anger. Actually I am now mentioning the thoughts expressed there. It says, anger should be not thoughtless. It should be one which is in our interest. Why should we compromise our citizens' security just to be nice and friendly to our neighbour.

My personal view is, if they are so heartless that they attack you when they in the most miserable state, then, we should stop helping them. I would possibly think of praying for another quake to hit Pak. Anyways, this view is controversial even to me. I mean, its just some fanatic people doing this thing. It is in no way connected to the common people of Pakistan or PoK. That ways, on human grounds, I feel that its a great tragedy, and should never ever happen again. Alternatively, we can at least force Pakistan to let Indian army clear up the militant camps operating in Pakistan. I guess I am talking a little non-sense, too much into emotions and all. I guess its just my anger on what happened in Delhi.


Okay, now another thought process.

People are generally asked questions like, what if there is a situation that if you give your life, 1000 people will be saved. And the next one is, would your answer change if its 100000.

If we really look at the most practical so called rational answer, it would be NO, for both. Why is that? If you want to justify it in the shortest possible way, it'd be, "Jaan hai, to jahan hai.". It means, if you have life, then only you have the world. Without life, there is nothing (for you).

Well, this is certainly a really really selfish thought, one could say. But then, who remembers any dead person, however great he/she was. Einstein, Newton, Gandhi, Nehru, Churchill, or for that matter Hitler, all have been forgotten, swapped out of memory. Generally people don't begin their day by remembering anyone of them. When I am in any class, they say, this formula, this algorithm was made by so and so. Even the professor doesn't SPELL his/her name correctly, and says, forget about the name, concentrate on the invention/discovery. We seldom thank any of the scientists, artists, poets, writers.

This just explains that its just alive when we are alive. Life over, game over, free the memory. This one life, my own life, and the life of some 1000 or 100000, whats more important? Not more than 10 out of these 1000 or 100000 will thank you each day of their life, or for that matter each month. Whats the use of saving them then?


Regarding my life, its going smoothly. I am wasting time like anything, not studying, seeing movies, going out, missing classes. Its really enjoyable and alarming too. I want myself to secure a nice SGPA. Its also because I want to reply to people who said, 6 courses, 1 project and a quarter TAship is too too heavy to survive. I want to show them that I did it. Lets hope I come back to senses and begin some study.

I am thinking to go home on 15th. If work doesn't stop me, I'll be going. By the way, Tanu was angry that I didn't mention her in my last post, hehe. There is nothing to write now, so just mentioning that I am mentioning her, hehe. Pray for me. Exams are coming.
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Friday, October 28, 2005,9:11 PM
No title
Its been quite long since I wrote anything in this diary, not that I didn't want to. Actually, while walking, talking, thinking,.. words kept on coming in my mind, to-be-written in this blog, but now I don't remember anything.

The most recent things that have happened in my life are, that dad visited me, in my college, day before. It was a short stay of about 30 hours. I was also somewhat busy with classes and assignments. Anyways, I am going home soon, so its okay.

Dad got me a new cell. Actually we were just sitting and talking, when I suddenly demanded a cell. When Ashish also asked him to get me a cell, he got me one. It was a long battle trying to buy the cell. First of all, its almost impossible to find a Punjab National Bank ATM in Hyderabad. Anyways, finally, we got a Nokia 3220 for me. 640x480 camera, with video, about 3.5 MB of memory. The best thing is the dancing lights around the cell. I just love the cell, except for some functionality buttons, which are difficult to operate.

End semester exams are approaching soon, 7th November is the first one, and as usual, I haven't begun. Hopefully, I'll do the Sri Ganesh today, hehe. The DIP and PR projects are kind of bugging me. There is only 7 days to end sems, and if they are not done, I might have to cancel my tour to home. Lets see what happens.

Prof. Govindrajulu got a really bad feedback from our class, which was a little obvious. But people were a little too harsh on him. I think he felt bad about it. Anyways, I guess he's old enough to not be affected by such small things. And, what I think is, that he should try to change some of his ideals to fulfil the need of the hour.

I guess there is nothing else to write. Lets hope I am able to go home. And wish me luck for exams.
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Monday, October 10, 2005,6:39 AM
I am Windows 2000!!

Which OStan are you?

You are Windows 2000 Professional Edition. You are the most stable and reliable of all the Windows girls. Of course, since your main comparison is with ME, that’s not saying much. You’re popular with some, but you’re being replaced with XP. You often help take care of your sister ME.

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Wednesday, October 05, 2005,2:20 AM
Midsem 2 : Day Three
Well, there is no post for 'Day Two', which obviously means there was no time with me to blog. After I finished up my PR paper, yesterday, I was in a die or die situation. With three papers to prepare for, for today, I had no solution to this problem.

Today I had "CS4750 : Digital Image Processing" "CS3150 : POPL" and "hindi literature".

I took DIP and Hindi complacently as both had easy syllabi and I had studied them before (read as DURING CLASSES!!). POPL was one subject, which I even forgot the fullform of. The course was HUGE, and really ununderstandable. It was interesting, which means you wont get bored if you read the content, but learning a new PROGRAMMING LANGUAGE, in two days, is not a joke. Besides all this, was the examination fever, building up, which hindered the "learning process" even more.

I somehow managed to revise DIP (most of it), till about 7 PM, and then kept on reading, trying to understand, the all new language, OZ. The whole POPL course basically revolves around OZ. Though OZ is a really nice and powerful language, its syntax and concepts are really itchy.
(Think of calling functions as {Function A} instead of Function(A); )

I slept at 3:30 AM, in the hope that I will somehow make it to the examination hall at least before the time ends. I got up at around 5:30 AM, which accounts to less than 3 hours of sleep. DIP is the subject I love. So, its never painful to read, explain, understand, discuss it. I got ready in time, and gave the DIP paper, which went pretty cool.

Now was the test, test of my patience, memory, intelligence, and what not. Three hours for the POPL paper and then just an hour gap for Hindi. Finally, in the scheduling algorithm, Hindi won! I read some chapters of Hindi, actually the ones which were really huge and the ones I never ever read. This gave me some confidence of strategic superiority over those who hadn't done them.

Then, in the last two hours, I slogged, fought for life, discussed, read and read again, till I got some meagre percentage of the whole data into my head. I reached the examination hall about 5 minutes late. Unexpectedly, the POPL paper was not something out of the world. As time progressed, it seemed more and more conventional than something wierd and new. I attempted a 'respectable' part of the paper, wrote whatever I knew, could recall (some part was recalled as "images" instead "information", which means I just made the exact shapes/sentences/expressions/functions like those made in the book, so that I get marks). After I was satisfied, I left, with half an hour to spare.

When I was returning, a sense of happiness surrounded me, some kind of triumph over the challenge that was put before me. Though the Hindi paper is just an hour away, I am much more happy, and confident than I was a couple of hours ago. Lets hope I do it well too.

Wish me Luck!

@ Comment.
Yeah, sure I'll try to explain about the Hindi literature course in the next post.
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Monday, October 03, 2005,1:19 PM
Midsem 2 : Day One
I don't generally write the title of the post when beginning to write it, but today, I know I am writing about, you know what!

The first day in Midsem 2 was supposed to be cool and easy, because the two courses "CS3155 : Compilers" and "CS3350 : Computer Networks" had really small syllabi and were expected to be easy.

I woke up early on Sunday morning, in the worry of revising all the left over courses as well as these two. Quite comfortably, I was able to finish with them, and also teach half a dozen others in the process. I had decided to get up early in the morning to do a final revision, but then, I was lazy enough to keep sleeping.

Morning 11, it was the compilers paper, which was quite simple, small and straightforward, except .... the last question. Actually there were only 3, and out of that I got stuck on the last one! Yacc, that was THE topic which I hadn't studied well, and oh my god, straight away '8 out of 20' marks going away! I somehow struggled to get these precious marks back, and wrote some crap in the process. I wrote an answer and then cut it, and then repeat! I am sure the evaluator will have a tough time to find out where the actual answer is.

There was a gap of six hours before the Networks exam, and I was waguely confident about the subject content. So, I was complacently wasting time till about 2 PM. Then, circumstances and the people demanded me to study, or at least explain the course content to my so-called students. After this tiring job of explaining things to totally confused people (who seldom bother to pay heed to the teacher during classes), I gave myself a break. I speedily ran through the book once more, to make sure I was not missing out anything.

Finally, it came. Such an easy paper, 10 questions, all non intuitive, non intelligent, non tricky, just simple essay questions. I wrote whatever came to my mind regarding each of them, and maybe much much more than was ever required, still sparing 45 minutes. I finished the 90 minute paper in 45 minutes!

After this big relief of completing two papers out of the six, I felt a bit relaxed. In the process of "a bit relaxing", I wasted time upto something like nine PM. I somehow opened the book and slept over it. Which book? Obviously, Pattern Recognition. I have a PR paper tomorrow morning, at 11, rather today.

"CS4770 : Pattern Recognition Systems", its basically a nice course, and Prof. PJN teaches it perfectly. Its good to listen to, and understand in the class. But when it comes to collecting all the information and really answering something, its a real mess. I mean, the course is not huge, but its so ... mathematical, for a start, and then... there are things like similar sounding terms and similar algorithms, one almost mixes the whole thing to create a hotch-potch.

I couldn't gain any conciousness till about 1 AM. I somehow picked myself up, and dragged the body to reach Amit's room. We went to the canteen for a 'walk'. I helped myself with a really strong coffee. With all the caffeine in my blood, now, I am quite awake and wasting time, reading and writing blogs. Sooner I get back to senses and start studying, the better it'd be!

PS: Devansh wrote a really good "testimonial" for me. You can view it here. The description is quite nice, actually too good for me to fit in it. Anyways, I am thankful to him for writing it. Maybe I'll write him one too, though I am really lazy and I really suck at describing things.

Wish me luck!
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