Wednesday, October 05, 2005,2:20 AM
Midsem 2 : Day Three
Well, there is no post for 'Day Two', which obviously means there was no time with me to blog. After I finished up my PR paper, yesterday, I was in a die or die situation. With three papers to prepare for, for today, I had no solution to this problem.

Today I had "CS4750 : Digital Image Processing" "CS3150 : POPL" and "hindi literature".

I took DIP and Hindi complacently as both had easy syllabi and I had studied them before (read as DURING CLASSES!!). POPL was one subject, which I even forgot the fullform of. The course was HUGE, and really ununderstandable. It was interesting, which means you wont get bored if you read the content, but learning a new PROGRAMMING LANGUAGE, in two days, is not a joke. Besides all this, was the examination fever, building up, which hindered the "learning process" even more.

I somehow managed to revise DIP (most of it), till about 7 PM, and then kept on reading, trying to understand, the all new language, OZ. The whole POPL course basically revolves around OZ. Though OZ is a really nice and powerful language, its syntax and concepts are really itchy.
(Think of calling functions as {Function A} instead of Function(A); )

I slept at 3:30 AM, in the hope that I will somehow make it to the examination hall at least before the time ends. I got up at around 5:30 AM, which accounts to less than 3 hours of sleep. DIP is the subject I love. So, its never painful to read, explain, understand, discuss it. I got ready in time, and gave the DIP paper, which went pretty cool.

Now was the test, test of my patience, memory, intelligence, and what not. Three hours for the POPL paper and then just an hour gap for Hindi. Finally, in the scheduling algorithm, Hindi won! I read some chapters of Hindi, actually the ones which were really huge and the ones I never ever read. This gave me some confidence of strategic superiority over those who hadn't done them.

Then, in the last two hours, I slogged, fought for life, discussed, read and read again, till I got some meagre percentage of the whole data into my head. I reached the examination hall about 5 minutes late. Unexpectedly, the POPL paper was not something out of the world. As time progressed, it seemed more and more conventional than something wierd and new. I attempted a 'respectable' part of the paper, wrote whatever I knew, could recall (some part was recalled as "images" instead "information", which means I just made the exact shapes/sentences/expressions/functions like those made in the book, so that I get marks). After I was satisfied, I left, with half an hour to spare.

When I was returning, a sense of happiness surrounded me, some kind of triumph over the challenge that was put before me. Though the Hindi paper is just an hour away, I am much more happy, and confident than I was a couple of hours ago. Lets hope I do it well too.

Wish me Luck!

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Yeah, sure I'll try to explain about the Hindi literature course in the next post.
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