Friday, October 28, 2005,9:11 PM
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Its been quite long since I wrote anything in this diary, not that I didn't want to. Actually, while walking, talking, thinking,.. words kept on coming in my mind, to-be-written in this blog, but now I don't remember anything.

The most recent things that have happened in my life are, that dad visited me, in my college, day before. It was a short stay of about 30 hours. I was also somewhat busy with classes and assignments. Anyways, I am going home soon, so its okay.

Dad got me a new cell. Actually we were just sitting and talking, when I suddenly demanded a cell. When Ashish also asked him to get me a cell, he got me one. It was a long battle trying to buy the cell. First of all, its almost impossible to find a Punjab National Bank ATM in Hyderabad. Anyways, finally, we got a Nokia 3220 for me. 640x480 camera, with video, about 3.5 MB of memory. The best thing is the dancing lights around the cell. I just love the cell, except for some functionality buttons, which are difficult to operate.

End semester exams are approaching soon, 7th November is the first one, and as usual, I haven't begun. Hopefully, I'll do the Sri Ganesh today, hehe. The DIP and PR projects are kind of bugging me. There is only 7 days to end sems, and if they are not done, I might have to cancel my tour to home. Lets see what happens.

Prof. Govindrajulu got a really bad feedback from our class, which was a little obvious. But people were a little too harsh on him. I think he felt bad about it. Anyways, I guess he's old enough to not be affected by such small things. And, what I think is, that he should try to change some of his ideals to fulfil the need of the hour.

I guess there is nothing else to write. Lets hope I am able to go home. And wish me luck for exams.
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