Monday, November 28, 2005,10:12 AM
Busy again!
Life is back on track now. The same busyness, tensions, projects, submissions, burning the mid night oil. Though it doesn't look to be too great. Someone might ask, what the hell? You like to be busy? You don't want freeness and fun in life. Well, its something like I have kind of become like a sanyasi or something.

Most of the time when people would find great fun in some outing, or dance, or dinner, or some movie, or some useless talk, I tend to get irritated. I mean, most of the time whats enough to keep me alive is, some light music. Along with that, I'd like at max ONE person to sit and talk with. A person who hasn't come to me because I am great at studies, or because I am great programmer or anything. A person who hasn't come because he wanted to borrow some money. A person who hasn't come because he didn't find anything else to do. A person who has just come to talk to me. He/she has no expectations, no favors to demand, no favors to do to me. Seldom do I find such people.

Anyways, this busyness keeps any irritation arising from these outer interferences at a low level. When I am busy doing work, I tend to ignore the surrounding. I tend to NOT think deeply. I tend to be less emotional, and more practical/technical. When I am busy, I feel as if I am one of those focussed ones, who are always aware of their future and present.

I am really not one of those. I tend to give an image as if my every action is very well thought out or something, but its really not so. To confess, I hadn't really planned anything about doing a software engineering course so far away from home. I saw the computer for the first time in my life in 1995. Since then I have been quite inclined towards the subject. I have always wanted to make an OS of my own, much much before I even knew about what an OS does. That time, my teachers told me that its impossible to make your own OS. But now I realize that its not impossible, though its not that straight forward either. Anyways, cut the OS crap, I was saying that NOTHING HAS EVER BEEN PLANNED IN MY LIFE. So, its never like I am the most aware of future, or I plan anything.

Tomorrow is the PR project presentation, and hopefully we'll do some part of it by tonight. There is just one class tomorrow, so that'd be a great relief. Anyways, this semester I've taken up Software Engineering, Computer Vision, Robotics, Making of the modern mind, Data Compression and BTP. That will make it 24 credits, along with PT, Mag and Data Structures TAship.

Wish me luck for PR.
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  • At 9:06 AM, Anonymous Deepesh

    wow, never knew that i was talking for one yr to such a big stud man, kewl
    anyways most of my frnds are, i guess my companys affect B-) :-p
    thanks for writing first comment for me