Friday, November 04, 2005,8:52 PM
New Sensation
You stick out your tongue, and slowly bring it closer. Gently touch it to your tongue, and then press it harder. Wow, what a feeling it is. No no, I am not talking about some dope or anything. Its a 9 Volt Dry Battery. Its something of the size of a matchbox, with two electrodes at the top. It doesn't have much current in it, but its enough to give you a tickling sensation on the wet tongue. It really feels great.

Anyways, coming back to senses, today I got up at 6 AM in the morning as usual. Went for the usual exercise, no one else woke up though. I went to Physical Education Center, and checked if I had cleared the PT thing. The PC was something like P1 with Windows 98, gosh! It booted in something like 15 minutes. I got the PT credits! I was so excited and happy. I mean, its been three years now, though I am thinking to take it up next year too.

Exams are coming, 7th is first paper, POPL. What I am worried more is about Compilers and Pattern Recognition. I am supposed to take a class just now, would leave in a minute. Hopefully will be done with compilers before dinner. Lets hope for the best.

And again, I am mentioning that I am mentioning Riya, Tanu, Arun, and whoever is angry for not getting mentioned. Wish me luck!
posted by Anurag Singh Rana
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