Saturday, November 12, 2005,11:16 AM
Oh, its been a hectic day today. The pattern recognition paper in the morning, and then, planning the schedule for the lab test with Dr. Jawahar, and finally, checking the answer scripts, 200 of them. In the initial stages, it was confusing and inconsistant, I mean the grading. Then, as I crossed 50, it started getting easy, mechanical and consistant. And as usual, I was linient (don't know spelling), impartial and dedicated, hehe.

Anyways, before this, the PR preparation was a lesson in life worth remembering. With one day holiday in between, I became too complacent about it, as expected. So much so that I read the "OLD PORTIONS" of PR at 6 AM in the morning, just 3 hours before the exam. Anyways, as usual, the paper went on smoothly, with a few hiccups due to partial loss in short term memory (Short term memories ;)).

Next exam is on Monday, 14 November 2005. Its on Hindi Literature. I haven't begun studying yet, and its 13th November 2005 already! Pretty alarming, isn't it? Anyways, what I am more worried about is my journey towards Indore. The bus leaves Hyderabad at 4:40 PM on 14.11.2005, and I have no seat in that bus yet. They say, collect your ticket on the spot. This way there is a lot of risk involved. Lets see what happens. I will try to get the ticket by tomorrow.

I read an article on "average age when Indians lose virginity". Apparently, its been calculated to be 19.8 years. It does look quite low, for our so called traditional culture and rich heritage and all, but who cares. Amazingly, I am turning 19.8 on 18.11.2005. Well, doesn't mean I am going to do anything or something, but just a thought. By the way, if we know average, what would we call above average? Would it be 19.7 or 19.9? Someone argued that it should be 19.7, as when you cross 19.8, you become "late" in doing "that particular thing". Another argument could be, people "lose virginity at an average of 19.8", so doing 19.9 would mean, losing something "late", or rather, being better than 19.8. There is no end to this argument though, but one thing is sure, I am neither losing it at 19.7, nor at 19.9.

I called up Riya today, oops, not again! Well, actually, I was not going to call. She called me when I was away. So, I actually went to give her a missed call from the STD. But stupid girl, picked it up. Anyways, her exams and all are going on nicely too. And apparently, my calling her has caused problems to some people. What I want to say is, she's just connected with phone calls, while others have "options".

Today, Tanu is kind of behaving ajeeb. She had an accident, and kind of broke some bumper or something of her car, and has been upset for a lot of time, as she says. Anyways, one new thing is this Google Talk. She's kind of mad about the whole thing, though she has some project crap, so is not talking much, or maybe its the fear of her dad.

Anyways, wish me luck for Hindi, and luck to get the ticket. Bye!
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