Thursday, December 15, 2005,9:36 AM
Dominos sucks, its really bullshit.
Well, I know I am angered right now, but well, I have a good reason to be. It was 7:30 PM when I called up Dominos to place an order. At about 8:40 PM, when I called them again, they said "my identity is not verified, they'll call back shortly". At 9:30 PM, I asked Sumeet to call and ask. They said, my cell is not working! They took the order on his behalf, and we started eagerly waiting. At 11 PM did he arrive, and demanding a full payment! Dominos sucks, 30 minutes nahi to free is all bullshit. They've lost one customer for sure.
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Tuesday, December 13, 2005,8:40 PM
Right here, right now!
Right here, right now.. hai khushi ka samaa...
Right here, right now.. hum hain is pal jahan...
Bhool jao .. muskurao...
Reh na jaye baat baaki...

Nice song! Nice lively thought.

Living in the present, how correct is it? Whining or boasting of the past, how wrong is it? India was a slave in the hands of the British. India was called Sone ki chidiya in the past. Two statements which explain exactly what I am talking about.

As we grow up, we gain some sense of being us, some conciousness. We understand the past, live in the present, and plan the future. I don't know when that sense came to me, maybe when I was 13 or a little older. Almost every human being, who is grown up enough has this kind of sense. But...

We come across so many people who are not actually in senses. One of the examples could be some bollywood star. Yes, a bollywood star. A bollywood star has almost completely forgotten that he is a human being. He is getting older day by day. He is on this planet to live. And that short stay is too short to waste it in being busy 24x7. He has stopped living like a human. He is just into making money and getting famous. Someone might say, an actor loves acting. He is actually doing what he wants to. There is where I want to say,
Ati ka bhala na bolna, ati ki bhali na choop,
Ati ka bhala na barasna, ati ki bhali na dhoop.

Which means, excess of anything is bad. Its not good to speak in excess, and nor is it good to keep shut. It is not good that it rains too much, nor is it good that there is too much sunlight.

Anyways, coming back to the point, most people have forgotten that they are human beings, their life is finite, and this life is the only chance they have. Most people just waste it in stupid things, or running after money and fame.

There are these others who are a class apart. They are not after anything, but they want to be cool. They want people to admire their coolness, their style. Most of them indulge in smoking, drinking, doping, etc. They flirt a lot, and generally don't behave in their own natural way. They talk to girls in an unusual way, always trying to get the girl's attention, and trying to 'use' her.

In my view, though I may be wrong, its not right to do it. First, be yourself. Accept the way you are. Once you accept yourself, people will accept you too. Behave in a consistant manner with everyone. Don't change behavior because you want some favor from someone. Okay fine, you'd say, what about talking to your friend and talking to the professor? I'd say, its really a good practice if you avoid filthy language even with friends.

Most people tend to get close to people and remove the respect part from the relation. For example, a lot of third year people now talk to the fourth years as too tera and all (actually English doesn't have those words). Yes, its good to get close, friendly. You both can become friends, do masti and whatever. But if someone is elder to you, whats wrong if you continue using aap? Getting friendly doesn't mean getting ruder, more impolite or respect less. These two concepts are generally mixed up.

Conclusion: Look at the past, live in the present and plan the future. Always remember who you are and try to remain that. Be polite to everyone, get close to people but don't drop the respect.


Anyways, I am fine today. Nice bright sunlight. Yesterday I was working on the PR project. Thank god, its been postponed to 16th. Hopefully I will do it by then. I took a DS&A tutorial class today, in the morning. The response was less, but I still managed to teach them some basics. I actually wanted to teach the other group too, as they are having problems in C++. Anyways, today most of the time I have to work on my PR project, and also talk to Jawahar sir regarding our BTP.

Good day!
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,1:15 AM
Success and capability: the missing link.
I never thought about it ever. I thought what I could achieve only depended on my capability. I have somehow found out that its not completely true. Though a major portion of it depends upon it, but some of it depends on some other factors. Yes, luck too matters, but what if I am the most unlucky person on earth. Can I survive just by making use of my ability? Is there anything else I can change?

The answer is YES! Yes, I can change something else too. I can change my perception. The way I look at things. I think that I did my best to tackle a problem because that is the best solution from MY PERSPECTIVE. What if I change the way I look at things? And as I have never tried to see things from some other angle, I cannot say that I am doing things the best way from other perspectives too.

Moral of the story: Try to look at problems from all possible perspectives. You might find a smart solution from some other angle.
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Sunday, December 11, 2005,6:20 PM
Breaking news!!

Its been all night, I've been awake and working on my project. All night I have been reading papers, trying to write code, change this somewhere, change that somewhere. Finally, I have some outputs. Though they are not too superb to boast about, but still quite respectable.
Three cheers for me...
Hip hip hurray!
Hip hip hurray!
Hip hip hurray!
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,10:22 AM
Sid's party.
It was party time tonight. Sid bhaiya got placed in some nice company, and called for a party. He's the first one in his batch to get placed. Congrats to him!

Anyways, we went to Central in the evening. First, we all were randomly roaming in the whole mall, looking at things we could possibly buy, or just casually following some hot girls, hehe.

After a while, we went into some restaurant called 'Bombay Blues'. Nice restaurant, nice atmosphere, nice co-eaters, hehe. We all ordered Sizzlers. I had no idea of what does it mean, or look like. It was simply superb. Almost all flavors of vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian sizzlers were great. Some people did have alcohol too. Well, I am writing as if "drinking" is really bad or something, hehe. Anyways, we had a really fun time there.

On the return, we kept on singing in unision, though none of us were in tune, but it was all great, the atmosphere, the vibe. Finally, three cheers for Sid bhaiya,
Hip hip hurray!
Hip hip hurray!
Hip hip hurray!

Prior to all this, the day started as usual. I woke up at 6 AM for my GRE class. I had been working on my project till about 4 AM, so I decided to skip the class, or otherwise I'll get exhausted due to overwork. Sugandh returned from the hospital in the afternoon. He is all fine, just some minor stitches on the chin. This all happened because our Shahrukh Sugu was a little too adventurous on the steep slope. He'll be fine.

Piece of advice: Ramji London wale is a nice movie. Not good, nor excellent, but quite okay for the "Indian public".

I finally joined as the DS TA, and got a schedule to teach. I heard that people are facing problem in getting along with DS. Lets hope I can be of some help to them. Okay fine, I have to go now. There is this CV class in the morning, and I don't want to miss it third time in a row. Good night!
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Saturday, December 10, 2005,12:00 PM
Suddenly everything has turned me inside out...
Suddenly Love is the thing, that I can't live without...

Nice song, soft, very-english, romantic, nice tune.

Anyways, here I am, 1:32 AM, sitting in my room, its cold, its lonely, and there is a hell lot of work! Fouzia is online though, she's just investigating my heart, trying to ask me "Do I love someone?". Well, I told her very precisely and clearly that I don't love anyone, and I want to concentrate on my studies. She's just trying to convince me, but am rigid, afterall, I know myself.

Anyways, finally, the CV test was held, even after repeatedly trying. Actually some of the MTech students had some PROBLEM. I don't know why people behave so plastic, can't they understand when someone says PLEASE. Some of the UG3 guys were not any less than those people. I got even more pissed when after the test, I didn't get to play CS, because the server was full. Though it might look kiddish, but I am really pissed with the guy who didn't restart the server for me, after something like 10 times of saying PLEASE.

Finally, I decided to do the normal thing, count till 10. I did it once, twice, thrice. It didn't work. Then I called up Riya, and I don't know when, it all slowly went away. She's so nice to talk to, hehe. Oh, my balance is also over now, shit.

I have this PR project to work on. Its nothing actually, just one combination that will start working, but god! Its not working. I have tried and re-tried, and re-re-tried. Lets see if I can change the code, and do something else. Today is 11th, and I have to submit it on 13th. God, help me.

I am feeling quite sleepy now, and its about 2 AM. I have to get up at 6 AM to go to GRE class, and I am not able to decide whether to sleep or stay awake. Lets see.

Piece of advice: Don't expect anything from anyone, they all turn you down.
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Friday, December 09, 2005,11:49 PM
Bad day.
Man! I am caught up in such a bad situation. All my time management has completely failed. SE report, GRE test, CV test preparation, PR project work, PR report submission. Oh god, all at one time. There is no time for anything. I lost my notebook, DIP notes, PR notes, CV notes, SE notes, all in that. All my work of last sem, and whatever till today in this sem, gone! I have mailed all people, but no hope of getting anything back. God, help me.

I am still alive though, hehe. Apparently, I am not sad about the whole thing. Its okay, I mean bad things do happen. I think I will somehow manage. The only good thing that happened was that I talked to Riya today. She was so happy again, hehe. She had shown her birthday gift to her sister. Her sister also said that those were good, and it was nice that we sent those. Sometimes, I feel, Riya is such a nice girl. I mean, we started with just a "hi, asl please" a few years back. And now, its like she's an inseparable part of my life. I guess, when I meet her, that'd be the happiest moment of my life.

Ok, fine, cut the crap. I am going for lunch now. Will hopefully finish all tasks successfully. And hopefully someone will find my notebook and return it to me. Fingers crossed, hehe. Ciao.
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,3:14 AM
Bheega bheega sa yeh December hai,
Yeh December ka sard paani hai,
Tez dhadkan hai, Garm saansein hain,
Bheegi bheegi see ik kahani hai,
Bheega bheega sa yeh December hai...

Nice song, I've been listening to this one repeatedly. The tune, the voice, the lyrics, wow! My favorite song of the week!

Anyways, Sumeet said, what the hell? You writing your daily time-table in your blog? Why? I mean, blog is to write some "interesting" things. Well, yeah, the day to day life is kind of boring. There are a lot of reasons. First, I want to keep a record. Second, its really nice to write everything down, its easier to sum up the entire day's work/thoughts. Third, it makes my own ideas/thoughts/viewpoints/stands more firm and confident. When I write this blog, I analyze everything again. This way I know exactly what went wrong, was I wrong or the other person and what to do next! It might as well convey some message directly to some person. Last, but not the least, I am free!

Today, I didn't do much. I got up quite late. We kind of sorted out the SE offline questions. A lot of them were asked for the sake of asking, especially people like Sarath Chandra. Anyways, lets hope we finish answering soon.

I have to execute whatever I said about the PR project too. I missed the Vision tutorial too. God knows what am I going to do. I'll contact Nikhil and find out. Rest is I guess fine. Kubuntu 5.10 Breezy didn't work. Have to redownload the ISO.

Piece of advice: Kulbir Saini's Linux blog is worth reading.

Alvy came online today. Lami aka Baby aka Nopy has no cell these days. Busy in studies I guess. Let her study. Best of luck to her. :)

Chalo then, Ciao.
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Thursday, December 08, 2005,10:01 AM
PR project... pain in the a**
Nice day today. I got up at 9 AM. My first reaction was, what the hell, CV class again gone! Two classes in a row! Man, got to do something about it now. Anyways, Srikanth did give me a proxy. I hope that works. Then, at about 10:30 AM, I came to know that I have to leave for Visu at 12. I had to register my BTP too. Nikhil had a class at 11:30, and Srikanth was down with fever. I hurriedly got ready and rushed to Prof. Jawahar.

We registered for a BTP, as one team, a team of three. But, sir suggested to do it 2+1 or 1+1+1 instead of all three in one team. We waguely agreed. Lets see what happens. Sir also told me that I had been selected for the DS TAship, and I should report for work as soon as possible. Hurray! He asked me why did I miss two classes in a row. Oh my god! Does he know that I didn't come today? Does he know that I was absent today? Ofcourse he does! Did he mark me absent then? Anyways, lets hope that I get the attendance for today.

Oh, and by the way, I chose Prof. Jawahar finally, after one night of dilemma. I guess we'll do quite well under him. Lets hope for the best.

We went to Visu today. Lakshmi and Bhanu couldn't make it due to I don't know what! Anyways, we reached quite very much in time there. We finally enrolled for the classes. Thursdays and Sundays, a total of 8 hours a week and 4 hours of self study per day. It looks to be tough. I hope I can do it.

I called up Riya when I was in Visu. Her DIP paper was nice. Most of it was morphological things. And she was like, bye bye bye, keep down the phone monkey. And I was not doing it. We kept on quarreling on keeping down the phone. Finally, she gave up and kept it down, as in disconnected it, hehe. I win, I win, I win!

Okay fine, this PR project is really pissing me off. We tried to see if that blurred smooth image can give us some output. I thought, maybe the training is less. We tried increasing epochs. Its going around 7-8% error till about one lakh epochs. I tried 8 lakh epochs, and it overfitted to give 20% error. I guess I will first make it display what it means by 7% error. If it has any problems, we might change the hidden nodes. Hope things work.

--- continued after a break ---
At 12 AM, Neeraj called me up. It was a BC meeting as usual. Nice friendly talk, teasing and stuff. I have just returned. Its damn cold right now. I am almost frozen. I will now do the PR project work. Tanu has a paper tomorrow, rather today. Hope she does well.
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Wednesday, December 07, 2005,1:09 PM
When will I get a blurred image?
Its been a nice day today. Actually a little free kind of. We've been trying to get our Image Compressor to work. We did find some flaws, but well, its far from functional. Nikhil told me that the decompressed image is more like a smooth shading, not just the completely black thing. I hope we'll see a really blurred but still recognisable image by tomorrow. Maybe I need to increase the epochs, or maybe the hidden nodes. I am really confused about the whole thing. I mean, yeah, its all given in various research papers. Yeah, they say its possible. But bloody hell, no one gives the exact detail. Its all left to the poor programmer, the developer, the researcher.

Anyways, except that really frustrating project work, rest of the day has been okay. I had a couple of classes, went out with friends in the evening, and was downloading Kubuntu 5.10 Breezy in the night. I am really looking forward to installing it, but still can't find many reasons to do so.

Riya has an exam today. Yeah, today. Its already 2:44 AM. IP aka DIP. Digital Image Processing. Its a nice subject, kind of fascinates me. Though when I did it, I didn't do much amazing stuff, but this stream has great amount of possibilities. Oh, that reminds me, I went shopping for books yesterday. Riya called up as usual. Actually the SE book was too costly, and wasn't that important either. So, I basically didn't buy it. Riya offered me to send that book by mail. I am afraid she might as well execute that. Anyways, she's been quite extravagant in spending money to call me. Actually its always nice to talk to her, but man!! It does cost a lot too. I keep telling her to reduce, she is mad! :P

Anyways, Tanu is kind of out of contact. I guess she's enjoying some party, hehe. She says she's grown fat and all, hehe. Anyways, let her enjoy. Its her life afterall.

At the moment, I am worried about my BTP (BTech Project .. previously known as FYP). Its really difficult to decide which professor to go with. While Prof. Jawahar is my favorite, the tasks that he gives are wague, and really hard to accomplish them. Prof. PJN is nice too, I guess a little cool about deadlines. But he's very very very particular about the results. What if we fail to get any results? What if we fail to work? Whom to choose? Today, we will decide it, and before 12 PM that is.

I guess that pretty much sums up my life at the moment. Nothing else is coming to my mind.

Piece of advice: Shaadi No. 1 is the world's crappiest movie. Chocolate is okay, actually pretty good.

Tomorrow, rather today is a test in Vision. Just about 6 hours left. I am beginning study shortly. Wish me luck!
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Monday, December 05, 2005,10:15 PM
Hurray, presentation over!
Mission Accomplished! The Software Engineering Presentation finally got over. I guess this is the same reaction that each and every team will have after their presentation ends.

Anyways, it was quite good, and we didn't do any blunders during it went on. The preparation was a little less, so it didn't look very natural in the role play, etc. but our content and presentation was nice. Now, the major task is to answer audiance doubts, I don't how many slips did we receive, but it'd be big task to do it. The final report is due on 13th.

I've decided to do my BTP (aka FYP) with Freaky and Nikhil, under Prof. PJN. He is out of town now, so we haven't finalized the project topic yet. I am a little afraid due to a bigger team size of 3, rather than 2, and also due to past experiences with Prof. PJN and Prof. Jawahar. This time I really want a more specifically clear, research oriented project, with clear objectives rather than a wague idea. I guess SE is in my blood now, hehe.

I had a talk with Riya and Tanu on phone. Both of them are happy kind of. Both are such dumbos, they don't feel like studying when its exam time, hehe. Anyways, let them study. I am quite free now, so I'll go and enjoy or something.

We have to restart work on our PR project too, whos deadline is closing in. I guess there is a small bug in the code, which might not get figured out in less than 20 hours or so. Let hope things work out, and we have some results to show.

Today, I am going to Visu International, to take admission in GRE coaching in that institute. I will hopefully represent a dozen of my classmates too. I am still undecided whether to begin it now, or in January. Lakshmi almost convinced me that January is a much better time to begin, without interruptions. Sugandh almost convinced me that its too late to even waste a week. I am in dilemma, poor me.

The semester looks jam packed from where I see it, PR, GRE, BTP, Robotics, Vision, holidays, etc, etc. Lets hope that this semester goes much better than the previous one. Though the previous semester is my favorite of the total stay in IIIT, apart from Sem 1, it did have a lot of burden, high pressure of deadlines, bad time management, etc. Oh god, someone take me out of the SE dream.

Anyways, lets hope for the best.
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Sunday, December 04, 2005,12:35 PM
New Lesson.
After a long day of work, its 2 o clock that I am getting to sleep, just for about 3 hours. I went to the bathroom, and was washing my hands in the basin. I looked at my image in the mirror. I realized that it wasn't me. I could clearly see that what the mirror was showing was just the physical embodiment of a more complex concept called ME. It really didn't represent me, as I was from the within. I wondered that this same physical form was the one which people looked at to explain ME, understand ME, define ME. It is really wrong to do so. So, basically understood the lesson taught long back, "Don't go by how one looks, but by how his/her heart is.". No book taught me, no scholar, just a mirror, midnight and me!
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Saturday, December 03, 2005,12:29 PM
Be blunt, it helps.
Earlier, I thought, it was always good to speak softly to people, to be gentle. What my theory said was, don't modify the truth, present the truth as it is, but change the words in which you present the truth. This would mean, you'd try to convey the exact message contained, but even after that, you don't hurt or disturb the person.

The problem with the view was, initially, it was more about how to modify the truth in order to make it less hurting, but still not lose any information. Gradually, it turned into trying to be as gentle as possible, even if there is some loss in the actual information. And, after a few days, it became, doing anything for the sake of gentleness, even if the truth gets modified completely.

Though the initial thought that CONVEYING it softly (less bluntly) was really good, and quite practical, most of the time it converts into more of the false presentation than the preservation of truth. There is a simple solution to this. Follow the conventional approach.

Speak the truth as it is, whether it is harsh, blunt, hurting, frustrating or anything else. Speak it even if someone will die if he comes to know about it. Speak it even if it harms yourself. Though this might tend to SPEAKING EVERYTHING BLUNTLY, but its safer than the previous approach.

If we are gentle and nice, and make some promises, there is a risk of not living upto the expectation and hurting people, or getting hurt. If we're blunt and rude, people wont expect anything in the first place, is it not great? If out of the blue, you do something good to them, they'd be more than satisfied and pleased.

Points to remember today...
1. Truth is truth. Don't modify. Don't soften. Convey it as it is even if it hurts.
2. Don't expect anything from anyone.
3. Don't be nice to people, they will start having expectations.
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Friday, December 02, 2005,10:41 PM
Waiting for SE...
Life has been pretty harsh and busy these days. The workload is really something, and actually its not the workload, its the uninformed arrival of jobs in quick succession. That is keeping me on toes almost all the time. People call me and ask for time, but a lot of times, I have been delaying to meet them, which might make them think that I am not interested to help them in the first place.

Day before, a guy from Bangalore called me up, Srinandan, a fashion designer. He had seen my site and was impressed with the SMS I received section. He asked me about what I did, where I lived, where my home is, etc. He told me that he was the collegue of some big fashion designer or something, the name of whom I didn't know/recognise. He told me that there was some Mysore something exhibition in Hyderabad, a few days back. He was the one who had designed the whatever in that. He gave me his number, and asked me to keep messaging. Feels nice that people do see my site, hehe.

I have been working on the SE project since day before. We've been working somewhat hard on it, and its pretty interesting too. In the process, I met Renuka, whos an MTech student at IIIT. She is pretty hardworking, as, only she had done some homework before we actually began working on the project. The team with Rohan is awesome, and we're all contributing and coming up with ideas, information, designs, points, etc, though Siddharth tends to sleep a little when Rohan and I are having a seemingly boring discussion. This is the first time that I have been working with this team, but the coordination and understanding is already quite high.

Riya has a paper today, oops, I again forgot the name of the exam. I called her up yesterday, and she was sounding happy. I mean she was sounding too too happy. She is one girl who is always happy. I mean, she has problems, she does tend to get frustrated and all. But, one of the major factors that she is able to cope with problems and is able to maintain a happy state all the time is because her friends are too good. I mean, its really difficult to have a friend circle as rich and as dependable, loving, caring, as well as not-boring, not formal, not-selfish. I do have some sort of similar friend circle, though its not as great. Besides, my nature is quite different from Riya's. While she is the centre of attraction, the solver of everyone's problems, I am kind of dull and aloof a lot of times. This discourages people to get frank and free with me. But I like it that way.

I still haven't got the DS TAship, which is kind of making me sad. Sad because my budget will go into a crisis if I don't get this much needed thing. Also, I am quite interested in teaching the first year people. They are dedicated and inquisitive to learn. This is one of the reasons why I didn't apply for the Graphics TAship, though I don't think I would have gotten it if I had applied.

Robotics has been converted to an IT elective from an open elective. The problem is that I need to take 3 open electives and 6 IT electives in the whole BTech career. I have already done/taken 5 IT electives, so Robotics is becoming an extra one. We tried to persuade prof. Kamal, but he is not ready to change. I mean, what has robotics got to do with Information Technology? Anyways, Robotics is so good that I am not dropping it. Instead, Data Compression (which I had taken up as a compromise to Optimizing Compilers) will be dropped. I am thinking to take up Linear Programming or Linear Control Systems as an alternative Open Elective.

Today is really busy, with a class, and two projects to work on. Lets hope that the coming days bring back some happiness in my life.
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