Saturday, December 03, 2005,12:29 PM
Be blunt, it helps.
Earlier, I thought, it was always good to speak softly to people, to be gentle. What my theory said was, don't modify the truth, present the truth as it is, but change the words in which you present the truth. This would mean, you'd try to convey the exact message contained, but even after that, you don't hurt or disturb the person.

The problem with the view was, initially, it was more about how to modify the truth in order to make it less hurting, but still not lose any information. Gradually, it turned into trying to be as gentle as possible, even if there is some loss in the actual information. And, after a few days, it became, doing anything for the sake of gentleness, even if the truth gets modified completely.

Though the initial thought that CONVEYING it softly (less bluntly) was really good, and quite practical, most of the time it converts into more of the false presentation than the preservation of truth. There is a simple solution to this. Follow the conventional approach.

Speak the truth as it is, whether it is harsh, blunt, hurting, frustrating or anything else. Speak it even if someone will die if he comes to know about it. Speak it even if it harms yourself. Though this might tend to SPEAKING EVERYTHING BLUNTLY, but its safer than the previous approach.

If we are gentle and nice, and make some promises, there is a risk of not living upto the expectation and hurting people, or getting hurt. If we're blunt and rude, people wont expect anything in the first place, is it not great? If out of the blue, you do something good to them, they'd be more than satisfied and pleased.

Points to remember today...
1. Truth is truth. Don't modify. Don't soften. Convey it as it is even if it hurts.
2. Don't expect anything from anyone.
3. Don't be nice to people, they will start having expectations.
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  • At 9:24 PM, Anonymous bEEgle

    100% correct ... I am happy that u learned the fact too early.
    And I completely agree with u even if ppl laugh at me that .. TRUTH NEVER DIES..
    take care