Monday, December 05, 2005,10:15 PM
Hurray, presentation over!
Mission Accomplished! The Software Engineering Presentation finally got over. I guess this is the same reaction that each and every team will have after their presentation ends.

Anyways, it was quite good, and we didn't do any blunders during it went on. The preparation was a little less, so it didn't look very natural in the role play, etc. but our content and presentation was nice. Now, the major task is to answer audiance doubts, I don't how many slips did we receive, but it'd be big task to do it. The final report is due on 13th.

I've decided to do my BTP (aka FYP) with Freaky and Nikhil, under Prof. PJN. He is out of town now, so we haven't finalized the project topic yet. I am a little afraid due to a bigger team size of 3, rather than 2, and also due to past experiences with Prof. PJN and Prof. Jawahar. This time I really want a more specifically clear, research oriented project, with clear objectives rather than a wague idea. I guess SE is in my blood now, hehe.

I had a talk with Riya and Tanu on phone. Both of them are happy kind of. Both are such dumbos, they don't feel like studying when its exam time, hehe. Anyways, let them study. I am quite free now, so I'll go and enjoy or something.

We have to restart work on our PR project too, whos deadline is closing in. I guess there is a small bug in the code, which might not get figured out in less than 20 hours or so. Let hope things work out, and we have some results to show.

Today, I am going to Visu International, to take admission in GRE coaching in that institute. I will hopefully represent a dozen of my classmates too. I am still undecided whether to begin it now, or in January. Lakshmi almost convinced me that January is a much better time to begin, without interruptions. Sugandh almost convinced me that its too late to even waste a week. I am in dilemma, poor me.

The semester looks jam packed from where I see it, PR, GRE, BTP, Robotics, Vision, holidays, etc, etc. Lets hope that this semester goes much better than the previous one. Though the previous semester is my favorite of the total stay in IIIT, apart from Sem 1, it did have a lot of burden, high pressure of deadlines, bad time management, etc. Oh god, someone take me out of the SE dream.

Anyways, lets hope for the best.
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