Tuesday, December 13, 2005,8:40 PM
Right here, right now!
Right here, right now.. hai khushi ka samaa...
Right here, right now.. hum hain is pal jahan...
Bhool jao .. muskurao...
Reh na jaye baat baaki...

Nice song! Nice lively thought.

Living in the present, how correct is it? Whining or boasting of the past, how wrong is it? India was a slave in the hands of the British. India was called Sone ki chidiya in the past. Two statements which explain exactly what I am talking about.

As we grow up, we gain some sense of being us, some conciousness. We understand the past, live in the present, and plan the future. I don't know when that sense came to me, maybe when I was 13 or a little older. Almost every human being, who is grown up enough has this kind of sense. But...

We come across so many people who are not actually in senses. One of the examples could be some bollywood star. Yes, a bollywood star. A bollywood star has almost completely forgotten that he is a human being. He is getting older day by day. He is on this planet to live. And that short stay is too short to waste it in being busy 24x7. He has stopped living like a human. He is just into making money and getting famous. Someone might say, an actor loves acting. He is actually doing what he wants to. There is where I want to say,
Ati ka bhala na bolna, ati ki bhali na choop,
Ati ka bhala na barasna, ati ki bhali na dhoop.

Which means, excess of anything is bad. Its not good to speak in excess, and nor is it good to keep shut. It is not good that it rains too much, nor is it good that there is too much sunlight.

Anyways, coming back to the point, most people have forgotten that they are human beings, their life is finite, and this life is the only chance they have. Most people just waste it in stupid things, or running after money and fame.

There are these others who are a class apart. They are not after anything, but they want to be cool. They want people to admire their coolness, their style. Most of them indulge in smoking, drinking, doping, etc. They flirt a lot, and generally don't behave in their own natural way. They talk to girls in an unusual way, always trying to get the girl's attention, and trying to 'use' her.

In my view, though I may be wrong, its not right to do it. First, be yourself. Accept the way you are. Once you accept yourself, people will accept you too. Behave in a consistant manner with everyone. Don't change behavior because you want some favor from someone. Okay fine, you'd say, what about talking to your friend and talking to the professor? I'd say, its really a good practice if you avoid filthy language even with friends.

Most people tend to get close to people and remove the respect part from the relation. For example, a lot of third year people now talk to the fourth years as too tera and all (actually English doesn't have those words). Yes, its good to get close, friendly. You both can become friends, do masti and whatever. But if someone is elder to you, whats wrong if you continue using aap? Getting friendly doesn't mean getting ruder, more impolite or respect less. These two concepts are generally mixed up.

Conclusion: Look at the past, live in the present and plan the future. Always remember who you are and try to remain that. Be polite to everyone, get close to people but don't drop the respect.


Anyways, I am fine today. Nice bright sunlight. Yesterday I was working on the PR project. Thank god, its been postponed to 16th. Hopefully I will do it by then. I took a DS&A tutorial class today, in the morning. The response was less, but I still managed to teach them some basics. I actually wanted to teach the other group too, as they are having problems in C++. Anyways, today most of the time I have to work on my PR project, and also talk to Jawahar sir regarding our BTP.

Good day!
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