Saturday, December 10, 2005,12:00 PM
Suddenly everything has turned me inside out...
Suddenly Love is the thing, that I can't live without...

Nice song, soft, very-english, romantic, nice tune.

Anyways, here I am, 1:32 AM, sitting in my room, its cold, its lonely, and there is a hell lot of work! Fouzia is online though, she's just investigating my heart, trying to ask me "Do I love someone?". Well, I told her very precisely and clearly that I don't love anyone, and I want to concentrate on my studies. She's just trying to convince me, but am rigid, afterall, I know myself.

Anyways, finally, the CV test was held, even after repeatedly trying. Actually some of the MTech students had some PROBLEM. I don't know why people behave so plastic, can't they understand when someone says PLEASE. Some of the UG3 guys were not any less than those people. I got even more pissed when after the test, I didn't get to play CS, because the server was full. Though it might look kiddish, but I am really pissed with the guy who didn't restart the server for me, after something like 10 times of saying PLEASE.

Finally, I decided to do the normal thing, count till 10. I did it once, twice, thrice. It didn't work. Then I called up Riya, and I don't know when, it all slowly went away. She's so nice to talk to, hehe. Oh, my balance is also over now, shit.

I have this PR project to work on. Its nothing actually, just one combination that will start working, but god! Its not working. I have tried and re-tried, and re-re-tried. Lets see if I can change the code, and do something else. Today is 11th, and I have to submit it on 13th. God, help me.

I am feeling quite sleepy now, and its about 2 AM. I have to get up at 6 AM to go to GRE class, and I am not able to decide whether to sleep or stay awake. Lets see.

Piece of advice: Don't expect anything from anyone, they all turn you down.
posted by Anurag Singh Rana
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  • At 12:25 PM, Anonymous Sumeet

    abe aaj itni achi BC hui .. uska koi zikr nahi ??? life mein teri achi czeen hoti hain unko bhi share karna seekh ... har time rota hi rahega to ppl will definitely turn u down !! aur 1.52 ko to mein yeh comment likh raha hoon .. aur tune already arnd 2 time kar diya ?? blog mein to sahi likha kar kam se kam