Friday, December 02, 2005,10:41 PM
Waiting for SE...
Life has been pretty harsh and busy these days. The workload is really something, and actually its not the workload, its the uninformed arrival of jobs in quick succession. That is keeping me on toes almost all the time. People call me and ask for time, but a lot of times, I have been delaying to meet them, which might make them think that I am not interested to help them in the first place.

Day before, a guy from Bangalore called me up, Srinandan, a fashion designer. He had seen my site and was impressed with the SMS I received section. He asked me about what I did, where I lived, where my home is, etc. He told me that he was the collegue of some big fashion designer or something, the name of whom I didn't know/recognise. He told me that there was some Mysore something exhibition in Hyderabad, a few days back. He was the one who had designed the whatever in that. He gave me his number, and asked me to keep messaging. Feels nice that people do see my site, hehe.

I have been working on the SE project since day before. We've been working somewhat hard on it, and its pretty interesting too. In the process, I met Renuka, whos an MTech student at IIIT. She is pretty hardworking, as, only she had done some homework before we actually began working on the project. The team with Rohan is awesome, and we're all contributing and coming up with ideas, information, designs, points, etc, though Siddharth tends to sleep a little when Rohan and I are having a seemingly boring discussion. This is the first time that I have been working with this team, but the coordination and understanding is already quite high.

Riya has a paper today, oops, I again forgot the name of the exam. I called her up yesterday, and she was sounding happy. I mean she was sounding too too happy. She is one girl who is always happy. I mean, she has problems, she does tend to get frustrated and all. But, one of the major factors that she is able to cope with problems and is able to maintain a happy state all the time is because her friends are too good. I mean, its really difficult to have a friend circle as rich and as dependable, loving, caring, as well as not-boring, not formal, not-selfish. I do have some sort of similar friend circle, though its not as great. Besides, my nature is quite different from Riya's. While she is the centre of attraction, the solver of everyone's problems, I am kind of dull and aloof a lot of times. This discourages people to get frank and free with me. But I like it that way.

I still haven't got the DS TAship, which is kind of making me sad. Sad because my budget will go into a crisis if I don't get this much needed thing. Also, I am quite interested in teaching the first year people. They are dedicated and inquisitive to learn. This is one of the reasons why I didn't apply for the Graphics TAship, though I don't think I would have gotten it if I had applied.

Robotics has been converted to an IT elective from an open elective. The problem is that I need to take 3 open electives and 6 IT electives in the whole BTech career. I have already done/taken 5 IT electives, so Robotics is becoming an extra one. We tried to persuade prof. Kamal, but he is not ready to change. I mean, what has robotics got to do with Information Technology? Anyways, Robotics is so good that I am not dropping it. Instead, Data Compression (which I had taken up as a compromise to Optimizing Compilers) will be dropped. I am thinking to take up Linear Programming or Linear Control Systems as an alternative Open Elective.

Today is really busy, with a class, and two projects to work on. Lets hope that the coming days bring back some happiness in my life.
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