Wednesday, December 07, 2005,1:09 PM
When will I get a blurred image?
Its been a nice day today. Actually a little free kind of. We've been trying to get our Image Compressor to work. We did find some flaws, but well, its far from functional. Nikhil told me that the decompressed image is more like a smooth shading, not just the completely black thing. I hope we'll see a really blurred but still recognisable image by tomorrow. Maybe I need to increase the epochs, or maybe the hidden nodes. I am really confused about the whole thing. I mean, yeah, its all given in various research papers. Yeah, they say its possible. But bloody hell, no one gives the exact detail. Its all left to the poor programmer, the developer, the researcher.

Anyways, except that really frustrating project work, rest of the day has been okay. I had a couple of classes, went out with friends in the evening, and was downloading Kubuntu 5.10 Breezy in the night. I am really looking forward to installing it, but still can't find many reasons to do so.

Riya has an exam today. Yeah, today. Its already 2:44 AM. IP aka DIP. Digital Image Processing. Its a nice subject, kind of fascinates me. Though when I did it, I didn't do much amazing stuff, but this stream has great amount of possibilities. Oh, that reminds me, I went shopping for books yesterday. Riya called up as usual. Actually the SE book was too costly, and wasn't that important either. So, I basically didn't buy it. Riya offered me to send that book by mail. I am afraid she might as well execute that. Anyways, she's been quite extravagant in spending money to call me. Actually its always nice to talk to her, but man!! It does cost a lot too. I keep telling her to reduce, she is mad! :P

Anyways, Tanu is kind of out of contact. I guess she's enjoying some party, hehe. She says she's grown fat and all, hehe. Anyways, let her enjoy. Its her life afterall.

At the moment, I am worried about my BTP (BTech Project .. previously known as FYP). Its really difficult to decide which professor to go with. While Prof. Jawahar is my favorite, the tasks that he gives are wague, and really hard to accomplish them. Prof. PJN is nice too, I guess a little cool about deadlines. But he's very very very particular about the results. What if we fail to get any results? What if we fail to work? Whom to choose? Today, we will decide it, and before 12 PM that is.

I guess that pretty much sums up my life at the moment. Nothing else is coming to my mind.

Piece of advice: Shaadi No. 1 is the world's crappiest movie. Chocolate is okay, actually pretty good.

Tomorrow, rather today is a test in Vision. Just about 6 hours left. I am beginning study shortly. Wish me luck!
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  • At 9:41 PM, Anonymous pATI

    Yeah gals always say that "I m growing fat" and when u meet them they are same as u last saw of luck for ur CV although the test must be over by now :D