Friday, January 20, 2006,6:51 PM
Complete Pandemonium
Its been really hectic and boring all these days. I was so helpless, it was as if I didn't want to go through Mid Sem 1, but did I have a choice? Anyways, its over now, hurray! Yeah, it was not all that good, but thats okay, we'll see in the next exam.

Even today I am surrounded by a lot of work and deadlines, meeting with Jawahar sir at 9, DIP project report, SE reflections report, SE UML assignment, BTP work (both BTPs .. for details contact Ashish ;)), Felicity Techfest work, Felicity website work, Riya's project, Robotics project, MB project, and the list goes on. Though there are not many classes today, but still the day looks jam packed! I mean, what the hell, this is the day when my exams have just ended, I am supposed to be free damn it.

Yesterday, Dean invited us for dinner for getting good grades in the 3rd and 4th sem. We also got some book and all, but most of us had a 'blah what is this?' kind of expression after seeing the book. The food was also useless, except for the biryani.

I hope that things start working, and I come out of this pandemonium soon.
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Monday, January 16, 2006,9:04 AM
ACCV'06 from my point of view.
Woah! ACCV 2006, it was a roller coaster ride. It was as if we were in the dreamland. Though I didn't know much about research in Vision, or the researchers, or even the books, but still it was fascinating. It was really enjoyable to volunteer for the event. The biggest advantage was to be able to listen to many great people, and their great theories and ideas. Though I don't have an in depth knowledge of Vision, but still most of the 'good' talks had the inherent beauty of being exceptionally simple and understandable.

Another good thing that I benifitted from is the varied range of people which came into contact. Though I didn't talk to many explicitly, but then it was nice to listen to different accents of english, their way of presenting, and even their way of approaching the problem at hand. Some of the Chinese people didn't have great English, and it was a little difficult trying to communicate with them.

Most of the program went on smoothly, though I think that the program could have been improved. Most of the program was filled with Oral sessions. Though they contribute the maximum in distribution of knowledge, they tend to be boring and sleepy too. I think creating a more interactive environment, rather than a simple PowerPoint presentation system would have been good, though even I don't have much clear thoughts about a more interactive and interesting alternate solution.

The Taj Krishna Hotel is nice, great architecture, nice potraits and paintings on the walls, marble floor and lots of mirrors and jhoomars around. Its very beautifully lit, has some great sofas, really polite and efficient helpers. The conference halls were big, nicely lit, with good echo-proof audio system and a good enough stage. The food at Taj was lower than our expectations, though people suggested that it is to suit the international needs. The icecream with melting chocolate was the best thing in the world one could ever have. Amazingly all toilets were western and without water!

One of the girl had a presentation. I asked her whether she wanted to test her laptop on the projector. She couldn't understand it for a long time. All the time what she would do is, wear a cute confused smile on her face. I was noticing her all day, as coincidentally she kept sitting in the same room which I was managing. I thought she was really lonely, and didn't have anyone to talk to. I mean, if you had seen her, what she would do is, come to the empty conference hall and sit. Then she'd start reading the brochere for the zillionth time, close it, pack her bag, and go to the internet access room. Again pick herself up, and sit in the hall and read the brochere, or roam around wearing a really pathetic smile, not talking to anyone, just grinning. I couldn't gather the courage to go and talk to her for long, so I asked Nirnimesh sir to help. We went to her, chatted for a little while and clicked a few photographs. She told me that she has three friends here. Her name is Yuru Pei. She is a Phd student in China. I got her air tickets confirmed from Singapore Airlines. Scheduled departure 16.01.2006 9:20 PM.

We clicked many many photographs during the session. A lot of those which I clicked with my cellphone got blurred. I am still waiting for Varhman sir to release his cameras matter. I have some really good and really precious pictures in that camera.

One of the presenters did not come to the conference. He sent a ppt with embedded audio instead. Finally, I had to go and click the mouse to play it in front of the people. I made ONE mistake only, but it was fine I guess. Prof. PJN was saying that it was the only paper presented in ACCV from IIIT. I asked him about whether we will get any opportunity like this in the future. He suggested to write a paper, and present it in one of the conferences to get such an opportunity. This conference has really infused new spirit in me to do something. Lets hope I am successful.

Before this, we had the WCVGIP, which was another conference of similar type but a smaller scale adn magnitude. It was a nice one too.

To conclude, ACCV 2006 was a successful event, and a major event this year. Thanks to all the professors who gave us this opportunity and also thanks to all the great researchers who presented such great ideas. Finally, three cheers for the volunteers,
Hip hip ... Hurray!
Hip hip ... Hurray!
Hip hip ... Hurray!!!!
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Monday, January 09, 2006,10:15 PM
In the SE class: proposal and criticism of a new theory.
Arun and I were sitting in the SE class, getting bored. I wrote a small paragraph, just for the sake of writing it, almost spontaneously. I don't know if it makes much sense, but here it is.

This world is a heart and we are the blood corpuscles flowing through it. It pumps us in different directions to fulfil varied tasks. Those of us which carry the positive attitude symbolizing Oxygen do good wherever we reach, while those with a cynical attitude impart pain and exhausion. The heart will pump us irrespective of our nature. It is we who decide whether to fuel it with our goodwill or spoil it, ruin it, destroy it.

After reading it, Arun and I had a conversation.

Arun: Every oxygen carrying RBC eventually carries carbon dioxide and vice versa. Does that mean there is inherent bad in people and in every cynic there is hope?

Me: A person who tries to extinguish fire gets his hands burnt, while even the person who bombed Hiroshima, felt for it.

Arun: What the hell are you saying?

Me: I guess I need a larger paragraph, you are dumb enough to not understand symbols.

Arun: Your analogies do not make sense. They're neither here nor there... just some random strings of words put together!

Me: I guess after I reply, you'd think those strings of words actually make sense.

Arun: Fat chance.

Me: Buzz Off!
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Sunday, January 08, 2006,9:34 PM
I am lagging...
Its been nice to remain in dreams till now. But now reality is striking back, making its presence felt. I felt that I was really stable, and could not go mad at any point of time. I thought it was wierd why people just lose sense of the present and start living in hallucinations. But this new year has brought in a new experience, absent mindedness. Even saying 'absent mindedness' would be toning it down. Something like forgetting the present, and going to deep sleep all the time would be a better explanation.

No, its not laziness that surrounds me. Its the sudden outburst of zillions of thoughts, emotions, calculations, fears, pains, joys, constraints, and what not. During this short period of NINE days in this new year, at many points of time my brain has undergone unbearable activity. So much that I can LITERALLY hear a big siren ringing loudly and I can't even shut my ears to reduce the pain.

I cannot blame a single cause for the whole environment that exists around. Its been a mixture of things, emotional, practical, physical, technical. With this overwhelming chronology of sudden events around me, I wish that time just stopped for a few days, at least a month. The speed at which things are progressing, I am not able to cope with them.
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Friday, January 06, 2006,6:22 PM
How important is visual information in relation to friendship?
I really warn people that I can be rude anytime I want. And they have to be ready for it. Generally, I am calm and sweet to people. But at some rare occassions, I just over-do it. I am really really rude, I just don't care what the other person might feel. But most of the time I do such a thing, I have a really concrete reason to do so. Why am I writing all this? Just a piece of information about me, hehe.

The days are passing as if I am not aware of them. I mean, I hardly remember whats the date today, and my mind has forgotten a time-map which was there. There is really no goal, no hope, its a state of utter confusion. I am confused whether I want to do GRE or MS from IIIT or a job. I need to decide this in a few months now. Lets see what happens.

Tanu has the NID exam a few hours from now. Hope she clears it. When she was talking, she was like, what the hell, let me take a break from padhai.. talk something else na. By the way, I keep telling her that one exam, one institute is not the end of the world. There is a lot still left to do.

My BTP is going on fine. I mean, there is very little activity, but still there is a somewhat defined path. I am being a little lazy too though. This mid sem exam I have very few papers. I have a Vision paper, and I am not sure whether there is a SE paper or not. So this means I have at max two papers.

We sent a gift to Riya, Tanu and me that is. She called me up to thank for it. I am kind of allergic to taking gifts. I mean, when you get a gift, you have to protect it, and keep it safe, still in front of you and all. Yes, it does make you happy, but its so much responsibility too. Especially if I am talking about me, whos room is a world war in itself, hehe.

We saw Kingkong the other day. Its a nice movie. Really good and real looking animation, nice sound effects, nice story, and a good senti ending. I know a lot of people will get bored of the part before the interval, but then nothing is perfect. This time the movie idea was of Bhanu. Thanks for that.


I was thinking about how important is visual information? In todays world, most of us "chat" with people over the internet. Till date, most of it has been through TEXT. Some of us then start exchanging phone numbers and pictures. You have to certainly agree that AUDIO is a step ahead than TEXT, because it is more expressive.

Pictures on the other hand (not live ones) just show the other person how does the person on the other end look. How important is that? People say that looks are temporary, why bother? But here, I am not talking about LOOKS. I am talking about appearance, whether or not the other person is photogenic is a different issue.

Generally, when we make friends in person, the first thing we do is SEE him. While the natural process of friendship begins with SEEING, friendships on the internet generally get this facility months or years after it. Yeah, meeting the other person is the best that could happen, but my point is, by seeing the pictures, the other person can still create an image in the mind. Its really difficult to keep on talking to a person whos appearance you can just imagine.

Yeah, there are issues like people can morph the images and spread over the internet and all. But then, we're talking about FRIENDS, and not about some random person. Sometimes its difficult to scan and send images, atleast loads of them. Is it a sin to demand a picture of your friend, while the people who sit with him can take 15 images per second with their eyes? What wrong have the friends sitting so far away done to receive such treatment?
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Monday, January 02, 2006,7:45 PM
Meri bheegi bheegi see...
palko pe reh gaye...
jaise mere sapne bikharke...
jale man tera bhee kisi ke milan ko...
anamika too bhee tarse...

Nice song and such nice lyrics. For the time being, this one is my favorite.

Yesterday night was cold and dark. I didn't eat anything all day, so I had to go out. In the hurry, I forgot wearing a sweater, and went there in a half-sleeves shirt. When we returned, I was frozen. Ashish said, "Yeh to ekdam chilled ho gaya hai" and I said "To serve kar do na". Anyways, after all that I was talking to friends on yahoo. Jaan (err... I mean Himanshu) came to my room at 2:30 AM. We decided to get up in the morning to exercise, but he was almost negative. I couldn't get up before Tanu called up. I missed the class anyway.

Today I have to begin work on my project. Lets see what Tarun has to say. Have a nice day!
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,1:42 AM
Welcome 2006.
Its the new year now, 2006. First thing I'd want to do is to learn to write '2006' while writing dates. Its really hard to get used to the new 'year' in the dates, and I confess that I'm still stuck at '2003'.

First of January Two Thousand and Six was a nice morning, mildly cold. I was with my family at Bhopal, wishing people on the phone with loud music and warm wishes around. At 4 AM, I had to leave my home state and board the train to come back to college. It does look quite sad, but then, I'm used to it now.

Back in college, I've a really bad cold, a partially swollen eye and loads of work. Basically, I am in a mess, and so is my room! I'm thinking to switch off breathing for a few hours as its really painful to do so. I'm now used to getting up lazily (mind it, I said LAZILY, not LATE). Its really difficult to do things in a haste.

Before all this, I went home on 17 December 2005. I had barely even worn the clothing for the journey, and dumped all luggage in my bags when I had to leave. Actually, the PR project report and some final touch-ups were the problem. I was struggling to finish work till about 2 PM. I had a bus journey at 4:40 PM. I somehow reached the bus stand, and boarded the bus. The journey was nice, though a little too chilly.

Being at home was fun. This time I didn't meet too many friends, I didn't do any work. I saw about 3 movies in the theatre with friends and 1 with my family. It was a nice experience to meet friends and all. Tanu also turned up for the movie, along with Tapan. It was nice to have her company.

I didn't have much time to spend with my friends. I couldn't meet Prerna and Vijay bhaiya. Hope they forgive me. I wanted to return to college with the Volvo bus, so that I'd get one more day at home. Anyways, here I am, back in college, back to work.

Tanu has a competetive exam in January. Hope she clears it. Tapan too has GRE in February and he is working hard for it. Hope he does it too. I have GRE some time soon too, along with TOEFL (hope the spelling is right), and hope I at least study for it. Anyways, first thing I want to do is to get a passport!

I have to do the Face Detection thing before 10th, and I haven't begun. Hopefully I'll do it before the deadline. Actually, I want to do an internship in the summers, and not work on the BTP. For that, I have to finish all expected work before April comes. That is why I am so serious about it. There are other pressures like the Mobile Blog project, DS&A TAship, DIP cum Tracking project, GRE preparation, etc, etc, etc.

When I look at life, its busy, its painful, sometimes sad and lonely, sometimes happy and celebrating. I do get time to meditate, to spend time with friends and family. Its really not exactly the way I wanted it to go, but its still along the same direction. Welcome 2006.
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