Sunday, January 08, 2006,9:34 PM
I am lagging...
Its been nice to remain in dreams till now. But now reality is striking back, making its presence felt. I felt that I was really stable, and could not go mad at any point of time. I thought it was wierd why people just lose sense of the present and start living in hallucinations. But this new year has brought in a new experience, absent mindedness. Even saying 'absent mindedness' would be toning it down. Something like forgetting the present, and going to deep sleep all the time would be a better explanation.

No, its not laziness that surrounds me. Its the sudden outburst of zillions of thoughts, emotions, calculations, fears, pains, joys, constraints, and what not. During this short period of NINE days in this new year, at many points of time my brain has undergone unbearable activity. So much that I can LITERALLY hear a big siren ringing loudly and I can't even shut my ears to reduce the pain.

I cannot blame a single cause for the whole environment that exists around. Its been a mixture of things, emotional, practical, physical, technical. With this overwhelming chronology of sudden events around me, I wish that time just stopped for a few days, at least a month. The speed at which things are progressing, I am not able to cope with them.
posted by Anurag Singh Rana
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