Monday, January 09, 2006,10:15 PM
In the SE class: proposal and criticism of a new theory.
Arun and I were sitting in the SE class, getting bored. I wrote a small paragraph, just for the sake of writing it, almost spontaneously. I don't know if it makes much sense, but here it is.

This world is a heart and we are the blood corpuscles flowing through it. It pumps us in different directions to fulfil varied tasks. Those of us which carry the positive attitude symbolizing Oxygen do good wherever we reach, while those with a cynical attitude impart pain and exhausion. The heart will pump us irrespective of our nature. It is we who decide whether to fuel it with our goodwill or spoil it, ruin it, destroy it.

After reading it, Arun and I had a conversation.

Arun: Every oxygen carrying RBC eventually carries carbon dioxide and vice versa. Does that mean there is inherent bad in people and in every cynic there is hope?

Me: A person who tries to extinguish fire gets his hands burnt, while even the person who bombed Hiroshima, felt for it.

Arun: What the hell are you saying?

Me: I guess I need a larger paragraph, you are dumb enough to not understand symbols.

Arun: Your analogies do not make sense. They're neither here nor there... just some random strings of words put together!

Me: I guess after I reply, you'd think those strings of words actually make sense.

Arun: Fat chance.

Me: Buzz Off!
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  • At 12:03 AM, Anonymous pATI

    Awesome ... :) thats one of the best u can make out of those hours in SE....btw dont listen to me who got a C .. :D

  • At 4:04 AM, Blogger KoPoS

    sounds like a really good aphorisms. but let me be the devils advocate here. oxygen need not only be poisitive always, it causes oldage(and wrinkles on the skin, remember oxidation?). and also being a bit of a cynic sometimes is better to get a different view of it. in that case, is there a way to demarcate clearly between whats good and whats bad?

  • At 7:54 PM, Blogger Abbulu the good guy

    hey anurag first time I am in ur blog man :D
    .... btw cool funda 'bout the heart n the world dooD ...(though thngz r mundo-abstract)