Thursday, February 23, 2006,4:47 PM
Good morning
Good Morning, welcome 24 February 2006. Whats the occasion? Nothing, just another day. But from today, I've decided to welcome each day, and utilize it, live it to the fullest (possible). Yeah, I can't just go mindless and do whatever, so thats why 'fullest possible'.

Yesterday night, I leaned on to the bed for taking a small nap, and fell asleep. So that meant no dinner for me, hehe. Then I was like, kya yaar, if it was home, people would have given me food when I got up, hehe. Its okay, I wont die without one dinner. Missed eating the tablets too, god, eradicate that chest pain thing, its getting too dramatic now. And actually people have come to me and asked, howz your chest pain? I was like, woah, you people read my blog or what?

I had a general review meeting for the BTP yesterday. I didn't know what to do, as it was first of its kind. I just tried to complete the code, and made a 8 page ppt. The professor wasn't angry yesterday, he never is. Most people misunderstand him. I think Jawahar sir is the coolest professor in the college. Anyways, a lot of people were even confused about what they had to do. The professor wanted 'clear goals' and not 'progress made'. He later explained that we should be able to make even the most dumb person understand what we are talking about, and basically begin from the beginning, saying all the Raam kahani of the project, motivation, problems, goals, efforts, etc. It was quite inspiring. Almost every student there was like, woah, he has changed, he is so nice, and so inspiring. But I said, he always is, its just that in your fear, you don't understand him.

Anyways, so today I don't have any deadline and all, but will work on the BTP. My code is producing the FACE VIDEOS, but has some problems (none seen as yet, but my psychology says there is a problem). I'll correct it and embed it in the 24x7 system. Now the thing is, I WANT to make it work, I WANT that Jawahar sir sees my effort and becomes happy, not for the grades, but for the Excitement of Research. Oh, no, not for ExOR, but for the 'actual' Excitement of Research, hehe.

I came across another great blogger, Devil's own. Great at english, and I came to know that her IQ is 170! I didn't know what an IQ test is, but still tried out. Got a score of 137. Lets see if I can improve.

Couldn't talk to Tanu yesterday night, poor girl, kept on buzzing online, calling on phone, and smsing, but kumbhkaran was deep in sleep. Hope this day is like what I want it to be. Good morning!
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