Wednesday, February 22, 2006,8:35 AM
Life goes on...
Finally, Mid Sem 2 has come to an end. Everyone's first reaction is "wow, its over, what a relief!". But then after a while, when we come to senses, we realize that its just one of the struggles that has ended. There are many that lie ahead, just at the doorstep.

For most of the UG2K3, its time for project report submission of their BTP, including mine. People have been long asleep on this regard. Those who began afresh in January have nothing very concrete to show, and most of them are expected to showcase their projects in R&D showcase, which is about a week or 10 days later (3 March).

I am also worried about my BTP. Well, its not that I have nothing to show, or I don't have a plan to go forward, but still the major 'research' oriented part is still pending, and I keep avoiding to think about it. I was looking at the sphagetti code one fine morning. So, out of the blue, I decided to rewrite the whole project in a clean, modular, well-designed and well-distributed fashion. I've been quite successful too, and basically I have to do module testing and integration testing after the last module is done. And then, I've to deploy it and make it work real time with real news videos round the clock, hopefully before tomorrow afternoon. Thats something like a total of 10-15 hours of work. How am going to extract 15 hours from 15?

The other projects like Robotics project, J2ME project, etc. also need to be done before 5 March, and I am worried about them too. I'm like, I can't even have a prioritized time division, because there is no time left. Hopefully everything will be fine.

Since about 10-15 days, I've been having some kind of chest pain, pain in ribs, pain in the throat and problems in breathing. It could have been due to cough and cold maybe, or maybe its a little serious. I talked to mom about this though, and she suggested taking some antibiotics and antiallergic tablets. Lets see if things get better.

Before this, I just finished up with my Mid Sem 2. Though I anticipated that it will be as bad as was Mid Sem 1, this one was comparatively better. Even the vision paper was quite understandable, and Linear programming was superb. Software Engineering was a little bad as usual. I mean, why on earth do they have that subject? And why is it being taught so badly? I mean, why an exam for learning a method to develop software? Why not something practical? Is it like they have to have an exam on anything and everything? Can't they learn from Robotics?

Anyways, now I am a little tired and basically bored because I have no one to talk to. I mean, yeah there is Tanu, but I don't know why I don't feel like talking to her right now. By the way, this blog is a good listener, hehe. Ciao.
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