Sunday, February 19, 2006,10:17 PM
Yahoo! Answers and Carpel Tunnel
Yesterday I came across a new thing, Yahoo! Answers Beta. Its a new concept by Yahoo! in which people post a question and specify the category and subcategory of the topic. There is a place to answer the questions. You get a list of posed questions, just click anyone you want to answer, and post a reply. There is a limit of the number of questions one can ask in a day, but replying is limitless. You get a +2 for replying and -2 for asking, with a opening balance of 100. Its really fun, and you get a reply to your question generally within 5 mins. Try it out!

I came to know what is a Carpel Tunnel through Yahoo! Answers. Its some disease caused due to stress on nerve fibres. Something like when you work on the computer or some other place for long hours, your nerve gets pressed and due to this, your hands will go numb or feel tickling or become weaker. This has cure from using pads to going for a surgery. After knowing all this, I have begun having symptoms of Carpel Tunnel. Hope its just psychology.

Computer Vision paper was fine. It was in English rather than Greek for a change. I did some usual blunders, but hopefully I'll get something acceptable. Lets prepare for LP.
posted by Anurag Singh Rana
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  • At 4:07 AM, Blogger bEEgle

    hey dude!
    u need a break!
    don rack your nerves .. :)

  • At 7:41 AM, Blogger Devil's own

    Hmm! interesting. can you send me the link please?
    I've replied to yr comment. Nice talking to you. if you need to ask anythin else, please do! I'll answer yr questions (if there are more) tomorrow. i gotta rush at the moment.