Friday, March 03, 2006,5:26 AM
Its been so hot these days, I mean the 'temperature has been high'. And as per Murphy's law, my fan has stopped working since two-three days. Its kind of difficult to keep alive, many people who visit my room are amazed at my tolerance capacity, hehe.

Anyways, these days, as you all know, the R&D showcase thing is going on. Not that I'm very much involved in it. I wasn't even told by anyone that I'd put up some project there. Actually, Tarun sir has his 'Information retrieval from Video' project, and my project is one of the extensions of it, the BTP I mean. So, I had to complete the pending work to make it functioning and ready for display. I'm not much happy about the project though, I mean the state in which it is right now. Big challenges are in the way right now, and hopefully next year, in R&D, people will be impressed. They wont react the way they do this time, the 'blah, thats so simple and useless' kind of look.

I HAD to put up the robotics project too, as it carried MARKS for putting up a project in R&D. But we weren't ready. So, we decided to 'lose marks' instead of getting humiliated. Lets hope I don't lose much from the perspective of grades.

Bush visiting ISB, this thing has been made so loudly audible. I mean, ISB isn't even visible from here, its so far (I know its far, I run upto ISB often). And still, they've to increase security in IIIT, ask us to keep windows closed and all. I seriously wished someone should kill Bush when he is in ISB. And thank god our government didn't make the 'fast breeders' also under the agreement between India and US. I read that we've developed expertise in processing fuel for fast breeders, which are some advanced kind of nuclear reactors, while US puts us in the 'developing and unsafe' category. If we had signed the agreement, it would have meant curbing all the research that went into that fast breeders and other processing stuff. Hail Manmohan!

Rest of the life is kind of fine. I'm still alive, in senses, very much stable (unlike what my friends think or believe).

Another thing we were talking about is, if you love someone, what does it mean by getting involved? Is there a way to stop somewhere in middle? I mean, when you love, its like it just goes on, keeps growing. Can you decide, okay fine, itna pyaar ho gaya, ab stop! Just because there is a risk, should people stop loving? And what does it mean by 'loving in safe limits'? As in, a state from where you can recover if something crashes! What I think is, this kind of risk is everywhere. I mean, when a person invests somewhere, or a company makes a new software, or even when we decide to opt for a course through ISAS, there is always a risk that things go wrong and we reach a very unfavorable state. Knowing all this, when investors don't stop, the companies don't stop, nor do students, why will a person who loves someone stop? And what can he stop, thinking about the other person, meeting him/her or even having a relationship? Conclusion: Risk is everywhere. Just do what your heart says and be optimistic. :)
posted by Anurag Singh Rana
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